I Hope You Blew It!

I hope you have messed up really big. At least once in your life. Better yet, a whole bunch of messes. Mistakes. Wrong choices. Foot-in-your-mouth embarrassment and falling down onstage kinds of messing up. And please don’t think I’m mean, but I really hope that life has given you lemons. And disappointments. And some really… Continue reading I Hope You Blew It!

Living With Gusto

How Are You Shining?

Hello, friends! It's been a while, I know. I hope this finds you well and shining your light! I wanted to share with you my post on I will be guest-posting there bi-monthly on Mondays.  Click on over there and read my take on how to live our lives. And while you are there,… Continue reading How Are You Shining?

Christmas Reflections

A Blue Christmas?

Several years back, my first Christmas as a single mom with my closest family members nine hours away was difficult, to say the least. By the next year, with a bit of experience, my coping skills had improved. On Christmas day, I booked a room at a hotel in a wonderful touristy town close to us. We… Continue reading A Blue Christmas?


First You Must Trust Yourself

First you must trust yourself...if you can't, you may put too much weight on what others think or say.    Everything you need is inside you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are enough. You are capable. You are fabulous. Your own mind and heart know. Truly. Just take the time to see and… Continue reading First You Must Trust Yourself


Why NOT Me?

You should never feel as if you are insignificant and undeserving. Dream that dream. Set those goals before you. Because, why shouldn't you reach them? You, as much as anyone you admire, deserve the chance to do what your heart desires. Yep, sometimes it takes a long time. And it's really, really tough. But that… Continue reading Why NOT Me?

Words To Help

We Can’t Give More Than What We Are

Without giving ourselves compassion,  we can't be compassionate. When we judge ourselves harshly, we can't be accepting. If we feel that our lives lack, we can’t give generously. When we feel that we are not enough, we can't lift up and applaud others. When we take ourselves too seriously, we can’t enjoy life. If we don’t love… Continue reading We Can’t Give More Than What We Are

Words To Help

YOU are Amazing!! And don’t you forget it!

You ARE amazing!! I finally began to believe that about myself after a few days of saying it out loud in front of the mirror. The year was 2008. For most of my life I'd felt "less-than" so it took a bit of making a firm choice and perseverance to follow this program.   I'd… Continue reading YOU are Amazing!! And don’t you forget it!



Having children with special needs is such a challenge! But one thing I've keeps us TOTALLY dependent on God. No way can I be "in control" because in the blink of an eye, our life could be in shambles.There are days my prayer has been, "Oh God, oh God, oh God" because I just… Continue reading Overcomer