God Sings? Really?

Warning: long post ahead. Hopefully your attention span is longer than the average person’s (eight whole seconds) because this is really good stuff. Grab a cup of something and take a minute. 


I.Love.Sparkles! Anything is better with sparkles–clothes, nails, shoes, jewelry—shoot, I’d wear sparkles on my face if I could do it without looking like I’m trying to be a three-year-old princess.

And sprinkles? They are like sparkles. Sprinkles make things like cupcakes, cookies, and doughnuts better. They are the icing on the cake with an upgrade. Sprinkles are like confetti and make us happy. The colorful bits of sugar look festive and make us feel like life has a bit of special added.

And that, my dear, is you! You are amazing with a side of sprinkles. Not just a few on top but a whole side dish of sprinkles that you shower on people like a fairy godmother. You give our lives sparkle—like “here’s some for you, and some for you, and some for YOU!”

You bring joy and make us feel festive just by being you.

Don’t believe it? Perhaps you feel that you have never, ever added joy, festivities, and sparkle to people’s lives? I understand. I did too. But you won’t believe it until you realize what a gift you are—what a delight.

And here’s the wonderful thing. You don’t have to be anything different from what you are. In fact, when you are truly real and honest, when you are able to understand your heart and longings, your gifts and abilities, and embrace your character and passions, the better able you are to spread those sprinkles around into people’s lives.

Our world needs you—the real you. You are a gift to us. You bring delight into the lives of those around you.

But. Here’s the deal (you were thinking there was a catch, huh? You thought this was too good to be true, I know.) The deal? The big trip-you-up-and-make-you-stumble deal? You have to BELIEVE it.

Oh, well then, just forget it. Right? Because there is no way you are ever going to believe that you bring delight—and sparkle, for goodness sake—into people’s lives. There are days you can hardly stand yourself. I’ve felt like that too. But remember, it’s not about your behavior; it’s about who you are. You are loved by God. Period.

I felt like such a flawed version of myself. It all boiled down to not being enough. I was pleasing people so I could be worthy, seeking the approval of others, and living afraid that I was saying/doing/being the wrong thing. Tense all the time and highly alert.

Finally, one day I just decided I was plenty tired of the suffering caused by listening to lies that ran through my brain on a constant loop. I decided I was going to choose to do something about it. (The whole process is written here if you’d like to read more.)

Because, there was this verse in the Bible (you knew I was going to bring God into this, right?) that I just couldn’t get past. It was the big trip-me-up deal. It seemed daring and unbelievable, too good to be true. That verse?

It says that God delights over us with singing! He WHAT? Not only does He find delight in us but He SINGS about it? Whooee, can you even imagine a thing?

What kind of verse is this? Can it be real?

Read this, dear friends:

“The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save;

He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you by His love;

He will exult over you with loud singing.

(English Standard Version) Zephaniah 3:17!

And in this translation from the Brenton Septuagent Translation:

“The Lord thy God is in thee; the Mighty One shall save thee,

He shall bring joy upon thee, and shall refresh thee with His love,

and He shall rejoice over thee with delight as in a day of feasting.”

Now do you see it? God feels about us like we might a party we have looked forward to. But this isn’t just a party—it’s a feast with lots of food and dancing with abandon and singing—lots of singing and music. Joy, such joy!

“Delight” means to please someone greatly, a strong feeling of happiness, and a great pleasure or satisfaction.

Can you even imagine such a thing? Our God–the creator of heaven and earth–is strongly satisfied with us! So much so that He takes great pleasure in us and has strong feelings of happiness when He thinks about us. And when we take time to go to him and seek his company I imagine that he’s ecstatic!

It truly boggles my mind. I am so flawed. I have been so broken. How (or why) in the world would God feel that way about me? About us?

Because He loves us. Honestly we have no clue what God’s love is like, because we only have humans to illustrate love. And goodness, is that ever a distorted picture of pure, unconditional love!

After years and years of reading God’s letter to us, of trying to listen to His voice, of seeking Him with my whole heart and asking Him for truth, I am thoroughly convinced that the words in this verse are for real.

To me it’s one of the most important (and often overlooked) scriptures in the Bible. It illustrates the essence of God’s love for us:

He will save us

He will calm and quiet us

He delights in us

Talk about got it covered! Not only is He a warrior who fights for us, rescues and saves us (delivers us from the hand of the enemy) but He also is like a nurturing mother who calms an afraid and distressed child. I visualize the soothing arms as she gently rocks her child, whispering consoling words and reassurance that she is there and will take care of whatever is frightening them.

And then there’s the part of delighting in us. I don’t know about you, but my heart always longed to be cherished and unconditionally love, to be enjoyed for who I am. And yes, for someone to take delight in me.

When I finally realized that God, my Abba Daddy, felt all those thing for me, and began to receive that truth into my spirit, my search was over.

Yes, I’d heard the scripture for many years. But I hadn’t internalized its truth. And just like with the John 3:16 verse that tells us God loved us to much He sacrificed His precious son in order to give us access to Him and eternal life, I had to choose to believe and receive this verse too.

I had to make the choice to embrace the truth of it.

I had to allow its truth to change my life and thoughts regarding myself and who God is.

Was it easy? IS it easy? Nope, my brain still wants to return to my flaws, sins, and disappointing behavior. It continually blows my mind that God, in all His holiness, would find great delight in ME!

And please, do not for one second think that He can take pleasure in me because I’m such a good person. Remember that God sees the heart. And y’all, no matter what I do, thoughts that aren’t loving, kind, and generous pop into my brain. I do things that hurt others. And though I strive not to, I sometimes sin. I’m a flawed human, just like everyone.

So just because I’ve managed, for the most part, to clean up my act over the years, that doesn’t make me better than you or more loveable. That’s the beauty of God’s gift of love—it’s a gift. Nothing we do could ever win His love. He just loves us, unconditionally. Definitely mind-blowing!

And what about me, the person who was always “too much” this, and “not enough” that? I’ve come to realize that not only am I okay, but absolutely enough and very worthy (as we all are). What is the truth that fills me with joy, puts a bounce in my step, and allows me to be unconcerned about what others think?

That the Almighty God who created the universe loves me and takes great delight and pleasure in me!

Mull that truth for a minute. Meditate on it and allow its truth to permeate your spirit.

And if that isn’t life-changing for you, then I surely don’t know what is! Perhaps nothing ever will be.

“I am truly His rose, the very theme of His song.”

Song of Solomon 2:1

I know this was a long one, and thank you for reading all the way if you got this far. My prayer is that these words will change your life. 

Many blessings, Mimi

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Living With Gusto

Stay Close to the Shepherd

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.  And I give to them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.”  John 10:27-28

I love this so much! If we are a follower of Jesus and have a relationship with him, we are one of his sheep. Now while a sheep isn’t the most aspiring animal to identify with (I prefer the lion, please) there is a reason for its being used here. When Jesus spoke to crowds in person he used visuals and stories that the people of that day and area could identify with. He painted word pictures as illustrations for his listeners.

To many people where Jesus lived, sheep were their livelihood—their business, and to those who tended the sheep, their lifestyle. Throughout the Bible, scripture refers to Jesus as our Shepherd. The concept of this is beautifully reassuring and it’s not an accident that Jesus used this analogy in the scriptures. But in case people had no clue, there are many verses that spell out what it means to be a good shepherd:

“He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young”. Isaiah 40:11

“I am the Good Shepherd, the good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep.” John 10:11

This verse is poignant because Jesus did lay down His life on the cross.

Because sheep don’t have a defense system, they are helpless without a shepherd. The shepherd takes care of all their needs.

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing.” Psalm 23:1

So sheep are totally dependent on their shepherd. And because they spend all of their time together they get to know each other, as funny as that sounds. The shepherd learns their personalities—which one likes to wander too far away, which one is a bully, which one is a great caregiver to orphans. All day on the hillside the shepherd sang and talked to his sheep—sometimes to calm them, or to urge them to move, or just to pass the time. When he had to fetch them or round them up for the night he had a special whistle or call he used. It was important that they heard him and followed his command, because night brought out the hungry animals that preyed on the sheep. The shepherd watched all night to keep them safe.

Let’s revisit “My sheep hear my voice.” Do you believe that God speaks to us today? He really does! The Holy Spirit who is in us (as part of the trinity of God) speaks to us as we read scripture and makes it come alive to us. God uses other people to speak his heart and word to us. And the Holy Spirit also speaks to us the more we commune with God and take time to listen—it’s then we learn how to identify his voice.

There is a place within me where I hear his spirit talk to me. (Does that seem weird to you?) Sometimes his voice is very clear, in specific words, like these he said to me when I was belaboring the decision to adopt: “Of what eternal value is it to have a beautiful home? I need you to rescue that baby and make him your own.” Folks I heard that in my spirit as clearly as if he were standing in the room. You may think I’m looney, but it doesn’t change the facts.

Sometimes his voice comes to me in mind-pictures which give me wisdom on a situation. Or many times he reveals his voice as I write in my journal.

It’s pretty incredible to have him pour through me. I’ve been journaling a long time, but the first time I actually had God give me a “word” as I was writing was in 1992. I wrote for forty-five minutes with his voice in my spirit as the words flowed out.

I really didn’t want to hear what He was saying—so I know it didn’t come from my own imagination! But the experience blew me away and was imprinted on my mind and heart in detail so I remember it clearly to this day.

God had given me songs and poems and words for people before this. Let me tell you what happens when the Holy Spirit speaks through you—the words bypass your brain and you become an instrument of the Lord. As one who prefers to be in control (still struggle at times) and as a teacher who taught all about using words, it’s a rather strange experience to not use my brain to write! (The songs that came from his spirit I had to catch on a tape recorder because I did not know them at all and I am not a composer. I do not write music. I recorded them so I could learn them to sing for worship at church. It was all rather bizarre to say the least!)

So anyway, I’d had experience hearing his voice before this particular time. But in that particular word he spoke of difficult times to come (my husband leaving me). He spoke of the mess of things (yes, and I thought I was already going through difficult times!). And mostly he spoke to me of his love and that he’d be with me every step of the way. He reassured me that in him I was strong enough to make it through the hard time ahead of me.

Sometimes our wounded-ness causes us to turn to people (Jesus with skin on) more than to God. Our hearts and attention wander but he brings us back. Only he truly knows us and what we need to develop the close communion he desires with us. Did you understand that? Incredible as it is, God wants fellowship with us!

My attention had been on other people—trying to please them and be what I thought they wanted me to be, which led to resentment, frustration, and even anger. Jealousy had come to reside in my heart, along with its comrades Not Good Enough and Comparison.

I was a mess and my own spirit was so full of trying to cope and survive that God’s voice was pretty hard to hear at times. I was looking to others for my affirmation and reason for being. But God used this difficult time to begin setting me free. As it is with defeating all destructive patterns of behavior, the process took a while, but this was the real beginning—cutting the ties of people-pleasing. Because during this time there were a lot of people mad at me, feeling as if the change that was happening and my husband’s leaving were my fault. And to a certain degree I was a part of it.

Like God’s word to me foretold, my husband did leave me. It was the most excruciatingly painful time I’ve ever lived through. Abandonment, rejection, people-pleasing, measuring up—these had all been evil companions during my life, and now they were having a heyday! Add the extreme loneliness and heartbreak and the potential for disaster was there.

I am now thankful for that time because I had nowhere to turn except to the Shepherd of my soul. I began spending a lot of time talking with God and him with me, which was quite amazing. I’m glad I was journaling because, although there was deep, deep hurt and wounding, my relationship with God grew in a way I don’t think it ever would have.

I was dependent on him for everything (sound like a sheep?). I alone was paying all of our household bills. I had lost my closest friends through this. My mind was easily overcome with despair. The enemy constantly barraged me with the lies about how stupid and useless I was. Financially stretched, terribly lonely, criticized by friends, I could only turn to God, which was the best thing I could do. He lovingly cared for me, tended my wounds, and His spirit ministered to me in my despair. His strength flowed through me so I could make it through another day. His communion was sweeter than I ever could have imagined.

So I listened, and heard his voice. Eventually I was able to follow him through forgiveness and then restoration:

“He restores my soul.” Psalm 23:3

Restores also means he renewed my life, refreshed me, gave me strength, and brought me back to health. All of these He did for me.

“For I will restore you to health and I will heal you of your wounds, declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 30:17

Jesus tenderly, like a Shepherd, tended my wounds and brought my heart to health. As with all healing it took time, but he did restore my soul. He is so faithful to those who love him!

“God You have made known to me the paths of life, you have filled me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”  Psalm 16:11

I am depending on him to help me walk through this life, to guide me, as a Shepherd does. There are so many scriptures that talk about this! When I stay close to him, he leads me. I pray with all my heart that I will always hear the voice of my Shepherd.  Won’t you be a sheep with me?

Blessings and love,

Passionista Mimi

There is a lot on the web if you’d like to know more about the Shepherd/sheep connection in the scripture. One of the places I found is

Keepin' It Real

Flawed? Nope!

Can you relate to this?….

I start to pray…hyperactive brain fires up. I get distracted by everything I see–it doesn’t take much. So I close my eyes and immediately my brain fills with moving pictures and my “to do'” list. I apologize to God. I tell Him I’m so sorry I’m such a scatterbrain and can’t keep focused on what is important.

Then I smile ( I really did) and realize that He absolutely treasures me just. like. I. am!

He knows I love Him deeply, with abandon. He knows my desire is for His heart. And He knows I’m like a hyper four-year-old. And you know what? He takes great delight in me. So I just curl up in His lap–and BE!

Ahhhhh, the sweet release of not having to worry about performing for Jesus. Hyperactivity has been the bane of my existence. I was often criticized for it. But ya know what? God created me like this. And He thinks I’m just fine the way I am. When your heart is in the right place, He can work with the rest. lol

Isaiah 62:4 You shall no more be called Forsaken but you shall be called Hephzibah (my delight in is her),

for the Lord delights in you.

Verse 5 “As a Bridegroom rejoices over His bride,

so will your God rejoice over you.”

Are any of you, my readers, hyperactive? Do you have trouble when you try to pray? Tell me about it.

I hope you are well. Until next time,

Love, Mimi

Keepin' It Real, Raw Honest Brave

A ‘Lil Bit About Me

I was asked to write my testimony for a women’s group I’m a part of. After writing, I thought I’d go ahead and make it public here.

There are so many things I’d love to tell you in my her-story, but today I want to mention two pivotal times in my life. First, here’s a little background as I set the stage, because you know I love a good story!

I am blessed beyond measure. I had a loving family, I was well-provided for—even though we were “poor”, and I knew about God’s love from the moment I broke forth into this world. I accepted Jesus as savior at age nine, because I loved Him so much, and I wanted to follow Him.

However, being the middle daughter of strict Baptist pastor/teacher parents who loved God with all their hearts (but were inhibited in their emotional expression of it) had its challenges. God created me as a highly emotional being. Of course, I didn’t know it was from God then, and I suffered greatly because I felt things so deeply. I now call it passion (and a gift from God), but for most of my life it’s felt like a curse. And I’m sure my mom felt like it was too!

We moved six times between 1st grade (in Texas) to our final place in Michigan (11th grade) as my daddy was “planting”, or starting, churches up here in the “north”. And every time my place of belonging and the friends I’d made were jerked away from me I suffered greatly. Almost every fall I had to make my way at a new school, with unknown teachers, classmates who already had their own friends, AND a new church for daddy to pastor. Feeling left out was common for me and I quite often felt like a “fish out of water” not fitting in and not knowing the game plan—while living in the “fishbowl” that a pastor’s family does.

Add to all this that I was very shy, had low self-esteem (a result, in part, of the molestation that had taken place as a young child), a horrible body image, felt like I was not enough, and yet too much of some things.

And, I was “set up” before I was even born. I have no proof that the enemy of our soul attacks us in the womb, but I do know that we are aware of what is going on around us outside the womb, and he sometimes uses this. There have been studies that prove it, and also, John and Paula Sanford have done a lot of spiritual healing work with people and their pre-natal experiences (see “Healing the Wounded Spirit” ), and it made sense to me. Because, even though I knew my parents loved me, for as long as I could remember I had felt like I was a “problem”.

God orchestrated a way to show me that I did, indeed, have pre-natal experience that “programmed” me to feel like this. Several years after my mom’s death I was given a letter she’d written to my grandmother while she was pregnant with me, 11 days before delivery. In the letter she was stressing over the timing of having “it”, the baby, that they really didn’t have time to have it (mama needed to start teaching school), and maybe the doctor could induce her early. They “should have thought about this more.” Hmmm, sounds like I was a problem, causing stress to my already stressed-out mom.

Lest you think I’m making mountains out of molehills, I know God showed this as a very early reason that led me to feel like I shouldn’t cause problems, make waves, had to be the good girl, and absolutely had to please in order to earn love. Added to this was the molestation that robbed me and made me feel broken, and my parents’ extreme busyness with other people which often felt like abandonment and that I wasn’t worth their attention.

In other words, the perfect storm. And Satan had a heyday! He was well on his way of lying and stealing toward the goal of destroying. However, he couldn’t compete with my parents’ love and their prayers for me, OR the unconditional, all-consuming love of my Abba Daddy.

For you see, God had designed me, that little hyper-active, loud, bubbly, couldn’t-sit-still girl for a purpose. He gifted me with such love for Him, such joy in life, that it couldn’t be stifled. Oh yes, there were times of sadness when I couldn’t measure up, there have been times of great depression, of promiscuity while I sought love in the wrong places, of deep grief and loss—there has been so much loss (all my family, my marriage, my home and credit, friendships I held dear)—but through it all God has been faithful. He has held me. He has strengthened me, taught me, and loved me. Oh how He has loved me!

In my late forties, when I’d discovered God’s “inner healing” and was going through the painful process of allowing Him to strip off the layers, while regarding an extremely unhappy period of time in my twenties, I’d asked God why he’d allowed me to do the things I’d done. And you know what He said to me?

“Because I wanted you to know that I love you unconditionally. You don’t have to be good enough to earn it. You are my child.”

So that was a huge turning point. I already knew that God loved me. He has given me the gift of deeply knowing that. But that experience tattooed it forever on my heart.

And then, about 13 years ago, after I’d become a single mom, was no longer a teacher, wife, worship leader, daughter, sister, home owner—everything had been stripped away—I sat in silence. And pondered. And got fed up. And said, “ENOUGH!”I gathered all my resolve, all my God-knowledge, all my healing, all my strength, all the love of God, and told the lies (and Satan) to SHUT UP! I was done. I decided then and there to stop listening to lies.

And I had believed that I was a mess, not good enough, broken, a problem, and not worthy of love. So changing my belief system was monumental in my life! I’ve never been the same.

You may think this was no big deal. But, remember that our behavior is determined by what we believe.

I began to speak truth about myself, according to what I felt the Bible had told me and how I felt God regarded me. I’m sure He gave me the words that day…I am loved, I am perfect as He made me, amazing and wonderful and intelligent. I do not have to be ashamed, nor do I have to suffer at the hands of anyone who makes me feel less than the precious one in whom God delights.

And though I am by myself, walking an unusual and sometimes very difficult journey, He fills me with a joy that is unquenchable—though Satan has tried. I know how faithful God is, I know of His overwhelming love for me, and I know without a doubt how valuable I am to Him. When those ugly lies try to find a place in my mind again? I start thanking God for His love, and remember that He loves, and delights in, every part of me, just the way that I am! And that, my dear friends, has set me free.

I truly hope you are able to find the freedom in Jesus that I have. I’m here for you.

Love and big hugs, Mimi

Keepin' It Real

Don’t Apologize!

Oh darling, don’t you know that who you are is the most amazing and fabulous gift to the world? Who you are is full of wonder and possibility. You deserve to be loved and fulfilled in what you do. I know it’s tough many days. I know some of you are not in an ideal situation. I know some of you feel as if the ground is swallowing you up and closing in over you.

Do not try to do it alone. I know, precious one, that you feel as if you must be strong and do this life thing (as hard and unpleasant as it is) by yourself because that’s who you are. Well, you only limit yourself when you limit your possibilities.

Start talking to people. Start saying what you want and need. I promise, lightning will not strike you. Start asking for help. Start with someone you trust and get them involved in seeking help for you and ways to improve and/or get out of your situation.

You are NOT alone! You do not have to suffer in silence. There ARE solutions. I know. I found them.

The biggest thing is to start realizing how valuable you are. How much the world needs your special, unique gifts and love. Start telling yourself the TRUTH–that you are amazing and have wonderful abilities and gifts for this world.

Start seeking ways to BE who you really are. To pour out your beautiful spirit and shine your gorgeous light.

Because darling, you are perfect, just as you are! Never apologize.

And remember that I am cheering for you!

Love and big hugs, Mimi

Keepin' It Real, Living With Gusto


“In all things give thanks.”

There is a reason the scripture instructs us to live like this. Do you know that negativity can’t live (lodge) in a thankful heart?

I had a conversation the other day with a young woman who said something interesting. She said that for some people negativity is all they know. They don’t even realize that being positive is a different choice because no one has ever shown them they can choose.

I cannot even imagine it!

Often positivity comes from being thankful. It’s pretty hard to be griping and glum when your heart is full of thankfulness.

And people! There is always something you can be grateful for! Many things actually, for instance:

Are you breathing?

Can you hear music when you want to?

Can you feel a child’s soft cheek or your pet’s fur?

Do you have a bed to sleep in after a long day?

Do you have a coin stash that is just extra?

Have you enjoyed God’s magnificent gift of nature?

Can you walk to and use the restroom unassisted?

Are you able to communicate your thoughts and/or needs?

Did you attend school, can you read and write?

Are you able to shower/bathe freely?

Are you in a home or shelter where you are warm?

Do you have something to eat?

Do you have a phone and a person you can call?

Every time I do laundry I praise God for a washer and dryer! And at night my bed feels so very wonderful I can’t help but thank God for it.

Some people actually have a gratitude journal where they write three or four things they are thankful for daily. If you are having trouble being grateful, this might be a good practice for you. Start noticing things to be thankful for.

Have fun and let me know how you do.

So much love, Mimi

Living With Gusto


I’m just so PROUD of us!
Some of you may have wondered if you’d make it through 2020 with your sanity intact. (Mine is still a bit questionable, lol.)
But your spirit is resilient and like I’ve told you,

you are amazing my friend!

Give yourself grace, darlings. It ain’t over yet.

But for sho ’nuff you have learned some coping skills and your creativity and problem solving skills have grown so much.
See? You are awesome!

Love y’all truly, and so appreciate each one of you.

Passionista Mimi
Living With Gusto, Mimi's Messages

Come Sing For JOY!

Have you ever shouted for sheer joy in church?
Celebrated God?
Burst with thankfulness?

If not, we should. He is worthy of more celebration than a touchdown by your favorite team.

It’s no shock that I can get a bit loud in church-lol. I just can’t contain my joy in who God is and what He has done! Join me?

#comesingforjoy #celebrategod #shoutforjoy #shoutyourpraises

Living With Gusto

You Can Choose to Start Anew

So here we are…a new year, a new beginning. Many of us are worn out. Some of us had too much to bear in 2020. Some of us actually had some really good stuff happen this past year. However you feel, just know that you do have choices. It may not feel like it, but you can decide right now to have a more grateful heart, to show more kindness, have compassion, and especially grace for yourself.

We are so very hard on ourselves. We expect so much. And our spirits get worn out. So I ask you, please try–try to love yourself even more, try to allow mistakes and sometimes downright failures, try to know that you are doing the best you can in life.

You really are terrific! Don’t compare–that robs your joy.

Try to do something that fills your well.

And please know that I am here rooting for you. This year may be a lot like jumping off a high dive, not knowing if there is water in the pool! We really do not know what’s ahead.

Let’s make a pact to support each other, okay? Reach out to people, even when you feel like covering your head. Because when one of us soars we ALL rise!!

I really do appreciate all of you, you who take the time to read my sporadic posts. Life sure does take us on a journey, huh? I just hope that I can be a part of your journey, offering encouragement along the way. Because THAT is how I thrive, knowing that I have offered a word of comfort, inspiration, or encouragement to someone.

Take care, my friends. My thoughts are with you as you begin this untold journey.

Love and big hugs,

Passionista Mimi

If you’d like to see more of my encouragement items you can go to Empowordment Cards by Mimi

Living With Gusto, Words To Help

Calendars Are Here!

A little late, but here are my new calendar designs. I have two sizes available.

These calendars are sure to inspire, motivate, and encourage you. We ALL need that, especially after this crazy year!

Order early to take advantage of these prices (printer had a sale) and to receive it by Christmas for gifting.

To order go to my Etsy shop and click on “calendars”.

Desk top calendar measures 8″ by 4″ and sits on any flat surface. These are the DESK TOP pages. It’s on a spiral as you can see. For a closer look, go to this Etsy page.

To view the WALL CALENDAR pages more closely go to this Etsy link. Wall calendars measure 17″ by 11″ when fully open.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Things are surely a bit different, but please do remember the reason we celebrate…Jesus!

I wish for you a chance to visit with family and friends–safely! It’s tough. And I don’t like it at all. I always look forward to Christmas celebrations and this year there aren’t any. Ugh! Oh well, praise God we are healthy.

Merry Christmas and a happier new year!

Love and hugs, Mimi