Do Not Apologize For Who You Are!


Oh darling, don’t you know that who you are is the most amazing and fabulous gift to the world? Who you are is full of wonder and possibility. You deserve to be loved and fulfilled in what you do. I know it’s tough many days. I know some of you are not in an ideal situation. I know some of you feel as if the ground is swallowing you up and closing in over you.


I know because I’ve been there. And it took action and big steps (in little baby steps) to get me out of that hole. But I am here to tell you that YOU can start today to change your situation. There are people who will help you.


Do not try to do it alone. I know, precious one, that you feel as if you must be strong and do this life thing (as hard and unpleasant as it is) by yourself because that’s who you are. Well, you only limit yourself when you limit your possibilities.


Start talking to people. Start saying what you want and need. I promise, lightning will not strike you. Start asking for help. Start with someone you trust and get them involved in seeking help you and ways to improve and/or get out of your situation.


You are NOT alone! You do not have to suffer in silence. There ARE solutions. I know. I found them.


The biggest thing is to start realizing how valuable you are. How much the world needs your special, unique gifts and love. Start telling yourself the TRUTH–that you are amazing and have wonderful abilities and gifts for this world.


Start seeking ways to BE who you really are. To pour out your beautiful spirit and shine your gorgeous light.


Because darling, you are perfect, just as you are! Never apologize.


Love and sparkly hugs! Mimi

Choosing Joy


“Joy” is one of my favorite words.

Even when life is a disappointment or a trial,

we can still have a consistent joy.

I believe that joy is that which runs deep in our spirit,

and it flows from gratitude and appreciation,

and the ability to recognize and cultivate them.

Sometimes having joy requires

making the choice to take it easy.

Breathe. Enjoy. Relish. I love that word “relish”.

By definition it means…

great appreciation of something,

or enjoyment, gusto, liking, loving, savor, zest, and taste.

I have “great appreciation of”, or relish,  those moments of pure simplicity….

like evenings, or unexpected snow days, at home

with my “treasures” (better known as my kiddos),

birds chirping after a season of cold silence,

that flash when the sun breaks through after long periods of cloudy sameness,

oh, and the first lick of chocolate cake batter from the bowl.



Perhaps the simple things are the big things in life after all.

Did you know you can teach yourself to recognize them?

Of course, that means being purposeful about it

and being aware.

Looking for those precious moments of pure gift.

Actually seeing everything around you.


Yes, there is a lot of ugly.

And yes, it means we can’t be numb,

and when we open ourselves it can sometimes

be the gateway to emotional pain.

But without allowing ourselves to sense and see,

we also delete from our lives the gifts of joy we are given on a daily basis.


Sometimes we have no choice because we are overwhelmed by life.

Many times we do more….we fill our lives with unnecessary busyness,

often trying to please others with agendas that aren’t in our best interest.

I’m learning what matters most to me (what a process!)…

being with my children, conserving my energy so I can be “present” with them

(and learning what “conserving my energy” means, when I used to believe I had a bottomless reserve!),

choosing carefully when to meet with people,

not sacrificing my important priorities because others want me to.


Wow, it’s taken a very long time to reach this place!

I used to absolutely run ragged doing all the “shoulds”.

I’m so thankful I have learned to choose (most days).

It’s funny how all the unnecessary stuff begins to fall away

and we are left with the things and

people who matter most.

The people we treasure, the acts that feed our spirits,

and the laughter that connects us and supplies endorphins to keep us going!

I wish for you, my friend, the choicethat you may relish–with JOY–your life and the people who fill it.

Just look at the joy!

Just look at the joy!


May you be blessed with JOY and abundance of the simple things in life!

Much love,




Joy? Yes, joy!

Have you ever had one of those days where you were just filled with joy? Today was that kind of day for me. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful 30 degrees! Almost shirt-sleeve weather! I had to go grocery shopping, which I detest! But I had decided to treat myself with flowers. And wouldn’t you know? There were tons of FUSCHIA-dyed mums!! So of course I bought one bunch. They were perfect for me. And I rescued some poor, bedraggled Alstromeria lilies that were marked way down. For about $8.50 I bought enough posies to make all these bouquets. (Don’t mind the Christmas trees you can still see in the background. I HAD to stop and smell the roses–er, mums!)



On to the produce section. The grapes were tiny, about the size of my little finger nail! Another lady and I were exclaiming about it. They were the size of raisins already!


I moved on to the lovely section that holds cauliflower, broccoli, celery, red cabbage, four colors of peppers, and numerous other colorful items. I asked the produce guy, “Don’t you just love working in the produce section?” He looked at me a teeny bit funny as he shrugged his shoulders. What’s the guy to say? So I clued him as to why he should like his job! I said, “It looks so nice, and it’s all so colorful and pretty!” He agreed that when it looked nice it wasn’t so bad. Lol

These are exactly like what I bought. I love their rich colors!

These are exactly like what I bought. I love their rich colors!

Around the corner at the onion table I struck up a conversation with the lady cleaning the potato bin. I asked her if onions last better in the refrigerator. Well, she keeps hers in a box in the cabinet. And then she imparted this AMAZING bit of information!


In the spring, whether they are in a store, in your cupboard, or on the counter, onions will sprout and so will garlic. Period. In the pitch black or constant fluorescent light. In the spring–when nothing in their environment has changed–they will sprout.


WOW!! I was just in awe. I said to the lady, “That is just crazy! It’s like God sends them a memo or something! “Ok onions and garlic. You may not know it yet, but it’s spring. Time to do your thing!” We had a chuckle over that. That just made my day. I told her thank you for teaching me something today. (Any day I learn is a great day!)


I couldn’t help humming as I went along with my shopping. All those little things added up to make my heart overflow! And I am so grateful for my sight so I can celebrate God’s wonders in the flowers, veggies, and fruit department! I’m also thankful that people don’t seem bothered when I talk to them. (I kind of do it a lot. Maybe they are just being gracious.)


I must have had a smile on my face as I walked through the store because people kept looking at me. I’ll bet they wished they knew my secret. 🙂

I believe JOY

And now you do! Here’s to a joy-filled life!

Love and big sparkle hugs, Mimi


Tell Your Mama!

Has your mama been a shining light in YOUR life?

Has she guided you through

life’s tumultuous waves

and almost-drowning experiences?


and so she lit the way
Did she stretch out her hand for you to hold when fear made you tremble?
And open her arms widely

to receive and envelop you

when you were broken-hearted?

Did your mother support you

and encourage you to do that something scary

 that you really wanted to do?

you are absolutely fabulous

Did she clap wildly and smile widely

when you reached those difficult-to-achieve goals?

And thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of a challenging decision?

Did she show you how to live life,
and model unconditional love so you’d be able to?

You are amazing with a side of sprinkles

Then TELL her!

Mother’s Day is one of  the most important times

to give her a card, folks.

And WRITE in it all of your appreciation.

In your own handwriting, tell her thank you.

Tell her how much you love her (like she tells you).

Her heart was more tender

She will KEEP your cards

to read over and over.


And you will find them stored together

after she is gone. 

Why? Because she loves you

and your words matter.


Take it from a mama who knows.


Wishing those of you who are,

a Happy Mother’s Day!

Love and great, big hugs,

Passionista Mimi


P.S. If you are a bit word challenged, there is no shame in using someone else’s.

You can always search online for words to use.

Buy one of my Empowordment cards to get you started, then write a bit inside. 

You can do it, and your mama will be so happy!

Gratitude~Veteran’s Day


We should never, ever take for granted

the freedoms we have, and the Americans

who have given sacrificially to guard them.

My heartfelt thanks goes to every soldier

who has ever served

and to those who are still serving.

My daddy was in the Korean War,

and my uncle was present in WWII,

on February 23, 1945

when the flag was raised on Iwo Jima. 


The account of raising the flag is quite incredible.

My uncle was was one of the fortunate who survived. Pretty amazing.

On this Veteran’s Day, and all through the years,

let’s remember those who are working valiantly

to ensure our freedom remains intact. 

And if you can, hug a veteran.

We truly owe them our lives. 


Thanks for visiting today.

Big hugs! Passionista Mimi


Whatever Is Pure

(Originally written in June of 2012, I decided it still had some good points, so posted it now.)
I am usually a very positive person. However, being broadsided by the life-changing event of breaking my right leg, which means no walking or driving for at LEAST eight weeks, kind of had me in an
“I’m not in control, I can’t DO anything,
I can’t stand to sit here like this, doesn’t God realize He made me ADHD,
I can’t take care of my kids, I have to ASK people,
this really hurts, they should have fixed that stupid parking lot,
this isn’t fair, our whole summer taken away (I kind of have a dramatic flair, ya think?),
oh my goodness sitting here inside is killing me,
which meds am I on, is it time to take more, ouch it hurts, must be time,
I hate this stupid, heavy cast, I hate this whole thing”
kind of negative-repeated-circling of the vultures in my brain. Whew, no wonder I’ve been so worn out and depressed. (Being ADHD with high verbal capacity only means I say more and say it more frequently!)
thankful 2

So….the last two days I’ve been doing a different kind of thinking, more like the person I really am in spirit. Oh. My. Goodness. I have just tons and tons of things to be THANKFUL for. We all do. And I want to encourage you to do as I am, rejoice in those things. Make a list if necessary. (Surely I can help someone while I’m destined to be a “Couch Coach” during this time. Let me know if I do–God knows people help me all the time.) Oops, gotta take a potty break, it’ll be ten minutes or so but I’ll be back. If I’m not, send in the reinforcements!

My List:
*I can’t walk…for now. BUT eventually I WILL be able to, unlike MANY others. My disablement will end.
*I can’t drive…BUT I will. AND I have a car. AND I’m saving on gas. AND someone else is using my car that needs it right now.
*My kids are missing out on summer fun and us going places…BUT they have been going to the summer activities program at the school for FREE, provided by the 21st Century Bridges To Success grant (from our state’s Dept. of Education). They have been cared for, had great activities, gone on three field trips and are at a water park as I write this. AND I have friends with kids who will do things with us in July. My kids are waaay blessed, so much more than many, many American kids.
*I have to sit inside…BUT I have an air-conditioned house, lots of good, clean drinking water, and a very cute place to dwell.
*My only bathroom is upstairs…BUT I could afford to purchase a “beside commode” for emergencies. Besides, when I don’t wait too long and have some time, I build my pectorals and triceps by hauling my butt up the steep stairs!
*This commode stinks and is embarrassing…..BUT it means my body is working and I have lots of good urine, and I don’t have to wear a bag, like many people. ALSO, I have friends (and Hannah) who will empty it without batting an eye (’cept for Hannah for whom it takes reminders of the bazillion diapers SHE gave me). Now that’s real love, people who will pour out my pee. ♥
*I’m forced to sit….BUT I have hundreds of people a few keystrokes away. I have tons of good books to read. I have things to learn on the internet and to study for my job. I can have as much music and media as I can tolerate. Wow!! I am so very rich! It’s incredible to think about all I have available to me!
*I need to go some places, scheduled appointments.…BUT I have friends who are driving me. I’ve never been more impressed with the quality (and sheer number) of people whom I call friends. My varied walks of life have given me a delightfully eclectic group of people whom I love and care about. They are rising to my occasion of need and volunteering at a consistently humbling rate. I only hope I’ll be there for them when needed.
*My body hurts! Moving is a major act of mass vs. resistance ….BUT I’ve been wanting to work out lol. Not quite THIS way, but I will have more/better muscles (at least in some areas) when this is over. AND I can still move around via unique appliances (rolling chairs, walker, stools, and soon a scooter). AND I am strong and healthy. What a wonderful blessing-a healthy body.
*OMGoodness! One of the best rejoicings on my list is that I am now the proud owner of a scooter, christened “See Mimi Go Go”. (It’s a Go Go Mobile, easy to transport). I get it Tuesday. Wheee! I figure it’s a good 60th birthday present to myself. Ha! It will allow me to go so many more places this next month while I can’t walk.
At times, we need to just STOP! Stop the cycling of frenzy. Stop and breathe. Stop the worry. Pause and let the peace settle into our minds. Then change our focus. Focus on all that is good, and right, and lovely in our lives.
God can do abundantly
This scripture has captivated me for most of my adult life. It has filled me, lead me, directed me, and assured me so many times. After listing all these amazing blessings, I’m reminded again that my God “is able to do EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY above all that we could ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20. He is in the business of changing lives and I’d say MINE changed yesterday! My precious friends, (those of you who waded through my verbosity of thankfulness), please know that YOU count in my blessings. What would I do without each of you? Your prayers and encouragement, your hands-on help, your total love without limits…. WOW all I can say is it brings me to tears (or maybe that’s the Vicodin 🙂 ). Thank you. You are a treasured part of my life.
Love and hugs, Passionista Mimi
OH, and hey, if you like what you read, why not share the love and click, pin, like, etc.? I’d give you an extra big hug. Thanks!

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