Do Not Apologize For Who You Are!

Oh darling, don't you know that who you are is the most amazing and fabulous gift to the world? Who you are is full of wonder and possibility. You deserve to be loved and fulfilled in what you do. I know it's tough many days. I know some of you are not in an ideal… Continue reading Do Not Apologize For Who You Are!

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Sparkle & Shine Calendar is Here!

    Hello lovelies! Goodness this last six months has been incredibly busy. I seriously don't know how I had time to teach full time before I retired. Of course, I've added three jobs since then, all of them MY businesses. And I am entirely responsible for all three. That along with raising two special… Continue reading Sparkle & Shine Calendar is Here!

Living With Gusto

Are You Making Numb Choices?

It seems we are always hearing how important focus is to reaching our goals and bringing our desires to us. However, sometimes our focus is totally off. We work hard, do what we think we should, spin our wheels, and run faster on the hamster wheel, only to remain stagnant.   Why do you suppose… Continue reading Are You Making Numb Choices?


First You Must Trust Yourself

First you must trust yourself...if you can't, you may put too much weight on what others think or say.    Everything you need is inside you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are enough. You are capable. You are fabulous. Your own mind and heart know. Truly. Just take the time to see and… Continue reading First You Must Trust Yourself


Why NOT Me?

You should never feel as if you are insignificant and undeserving. Dream that dream. Set those goals before you. Because, why shouldn't you reach them? You, as much as anyone you admire, deserve the chance to do what your heart desires. Yep, sometimes it takes a long time. And it's really, really tough. But that… Continue reading Why NOT Me?

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And so, she believed…

If you would like to be inspired by women who believed they could, did, and made a difference in spite of odds against them......check out the post by Debbie Phillips, founder of Women on Fire, of the **Top 10 Women Who Set 2013 On Fire** . Sometimes we just need to see that others… Continue reading And so, she believed…