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I Won!

Today I defied the compulsion towards People Pleasing!! (A lifetime-long struggle.)   Yesterday was grueling for me.   I taught reading to reluctant kindergarteners for three hours,   went to an appointment,   returned home in time to get my son off the bus --his OCD meant he asked every few minutes if we were… Continue reading I Won!

Living With Gusto

Sparkle & Shine Calendar is Here!

    Hello lovelies! Goodness this last six months has been incredibly busy. I seriously don't know how I had time to teach full time before I retired. Of course, I've added three jobs since then, all of them MY businesses. And I am entirely responsible for all three. That along with raising two special… Continue reading Sparkle & Shine Calendar is Here!

Mimi's Messages

Tell Your Mama!

Has your mama been a shining light in YOUR life? Has she guided you through life's tumultuous waves and almost-drowning experiences?   Did she stretch out her hand for you to hold when fear made you tremble? And open her arms widely to receive and envelop you when you were broken-hearted? Did your mother support you… Continue reading Tell Your Mama!

Living With Gusto

The Lies That Bind Us

  You were created for a purpose and are amazing, creative, valuable, and productive. YOU were born to shine!! Do you believe that? Or do you struggle to believe that you were born to shine because instead you believe lies about yourself? Perhaps lies like you are stupid, unlovable, you will never amount to anything,… Continue reading The Lies That Bind Us


I Hope You Blew It!

I hope you have messed up really big. At least once in your life. Better yet, a whole bunch of messes. Mistakes. Wrong choices. Foot-in-your-mouth embarrassment and falling down onstage kinds of messing up. And please don’t think I’m mean, but I really hope that life has given you lemons. And disappointments. And some really… Continue reading I Hope You Blew It!

Living With Gusto

Self-Care Is Love

We put everyone and everything else first, at the expense of our health and spirit. Society has programmed us that way. Stop listening to the lies. You are enough already. MORE than enough.   You do not have to earn your way or work to deserve love (I learned this way too late in life)… Continue reading Self-Care Is Love

Living With Gusto

What’s In A Word?

  The year is flying by and we are well into 2016. At this point, if we made New Year’s resolutions, about eighty percent of us will have abandoned them. That used to be me but I don’t set resolutions any more. I’ve adopted a different approach to help me focus on reaching important life… Continue reading What’s In A Word?

Living With Gusto

Bird Rules: A Lighthearted Correlation Between Birds and Humans

  Today I'm sharing my post on Aabrazine. I love watching the birds outside my kitchen window, and they have actually taught me some things about life!   I hope this post delights you. And maybe you can take some time to watch the birds too.   Until next time, love and hugs, Passionista  … Continue reading Bird Rules: A Lighthearted Correlation Between Birds and Humans

Living With Gusto

This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain in Love.

Can you imagine, and perhaps you really can, what it is like to experience that first, heart-exploding realization that someone actually loves you completely? Loves you without boundaries or restraint, regardless of your brokenness, emotional issues, and the truckloads of psychological stuff you carry with you? It is addictive to say the least.   Your… Continue reading This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain in Love.

Living With Gusto

How Are You Shining?

Hello, friends! It's been a while, I know. I hope this finds you well and shining your light! I wanted to share with you my post on Abrazine.com. I will be guest-posting there bi-monthly on Mondays.  Click on over there and read my take on how to live our lives. And while you are there,… Continue reading How Are You Shining?