First You Must Trust Yourself

first you must trust yourself

First you must trust yourself…if you can’t, you may put too much weight on what others think or say. 


Everything you need is inside you.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

You are enough. You are capable.

You are fabulous.

Your own mind and heart know. Truly.

Just take the time to see and know

what’s inside of you. 


It’s actually pretty amazing!


Body Image

Our Girls Are Not A “Distraction”!


I read this article today about how female high school students are being told to leave the classroom for wearing “inappropriate” clothing that violates the school dress code. However, in many cases the reason why their clothing is offensive isn’t given. Sounds like discrimination and a real power-play to me.  It’s scary how much power some teachers have (I taught for 31 years so I am not teacher-bashing).

These students are being told they are too much of a distraction (especially to the male students). So let me get this right. A young woman’s “distraction” is so much worse than her missing classes that she is asked to leave (and that’s not humiliating at all) until someone can bring her more appropriate clothing to wear? This, for some, would mean missing all day of classes!!  Do you see what’s wrong here? According to the article, many of these young women weren’t dressing inappropriately on purpose. Many didn’t even know that what they were wearing was offensive!

Just wow. The comments below the article from parents whose girls have been disciplined are heartbreaking (a little girl in FIRST GRADE! And in one school girls can’t  even show their collar bones). Sounds like another way to control females.

It would seem that not much has changed in the decades of pursuing freedom and empowerment of women. Nope, we have NOT “come a long way baby”. Girls are still treated as “less than” boys. And for teens? Excuse me? It’s hormones. No matter what a girl wears at that age, she will distract the boys. And vice versa. Duh.

But this part truly concerns and angers me: her pants are “too tight and are distracting the male teachers”. Good golly. If the man doesn’t have enough control and decency to not leer and become aroused over a young girl, then get OUT of teaching, especially with teenagers. THAT right there is an indictment of our society. It demonstrates the lack of  self-control, accountability, and moral principles. Dress codes, and thus discrimination of girls, gives power to this lack, enabling attacks on girls (and all females). Again, the man is the one at fault here, not the young woman.

I do believe that girls need to respect themselves and love who they are, just as our boys do. I hope this includes not using their body to manipulate others and gain popularity. But regardless of their self-esteem, girls should have as much freedom to dress as their male peers. And we should be teaching “body respect” to our boys as well as our girls. Make it the male’s responsibility too. Teach mental and physical self-control.

not a distraction2


Although many families educate their young men to act responsibly and have a respectful attitude toward females, these codes define all males as cave men just waiting to pounce on a young girl’s body, unfairly categorizing all boys and men as uncontrollable perverts. Really? It’s another lie that propagates dysfunctional behaviors toward females–in fact excuses it with the abhorrent “boys will be boys” entitling belief, which continues to make it the female’s responsibility for the male’s inexcusable behavior, as in rape. And so it continues, even though we are waging war continuously against our world’s “rape culture”.

These dress codes–and the control over young women they allow–need to be taken under serious scrutiny. It’s time we are DONE with this discrimination and regard our girls as the intelligent, creative, and deserving participants of our society they are. Get OVER it!!

After writing my post I searched for images to include and found many articles about this subject. Here are a couple links if you are interested. There are many more.


So what are your thoughts on this? Perhaps our schools will all begin wearing uniforms. That is one solution. Any ideas?

I know this wasn’t my usual “feel-good” post, but thanks for stopping by. Promote equality!

Hugs, Passionista Mimi




Why NOT Me?

why not me

You should never feel as if you are insignificant and undeserving.

Dream that dream.

Set those goals before you.

Because, why shouldn’t you reach them?

You, as much as anyone you admire,

deserve the chance to do what your heart desires.

Yep, sometimes it takes a long time.

And it’s really, really tough.

But that is what makes the dream or goal valuable!

If it wasn’t hard and didn’t take a lot of investment,

if it was easy, would you value it as much?

Why NOT you?

Only you can set those limitations on yourself.

Think about it. 

Love and hugs, Passionista Mimi

Living With Gusto

You’re Supposed To Be Afraid!

I just read an amazing post by Lori Fields of “Your Worthy Self”. She is such an inspiration to me, and I love that we work together in the trenches to help women realize how amazing, worthy, creative, capable, and enough they are.

She speaks of fear as that which helps us grow… “You no longer have to subscribe to the belief that being scared equals being weak. Fear is always part of the landscape when you’re trying to do great things.”

And that our lives NEED resistance to grow!!

My insert here is to think of the plant that has to push its way through the soil (sometimes very hard, packed earth) in order to grow into what it was created to be! Those plants are way stronger and mature and more beautiful than those seedlings that lay on top of the soil and grow spindly and weak.

“The thing you push against is the thing that lifts you up.” – Delta Airlines

“Pushing off against your fear is what allows you to become who you’ve always wanted to be.” 

Go to her post and read every. single. word! Let it teach and inspire you.

if you don't jump

I equate doing something you are afraid of as “jumping off the high dive”. Taking the plunge into the unknown. You never know unless you try. All those cliches people use that are true. And most usually, you will astound yourself. You may fly. You may discover something about yourself that you really like. And better yet, you will have pushed against the fear!

And THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!! You ROCK!!

Love and flight, Passionista Mimi

Living With Gusto

Do You Desire To Encourage Others?

You are amazing with a side of sprinklesDon't live afraid (2)Believe


~you desire to encourage those you love….

~you see value in giving words on paper

so they can be read over and over…

~it’s important to leave

a written legacy of remembrance…

~the popular forms of communication

are becoming shallow…

~you know that electronic “stuff” gets lost ALL the time!…

~you want to show someone you care

enough to take time and thought…


You are something else I am significant and I matter heart-explosion-drawing-e1390489037408 Oh my goodness I'm incredible! Don't tell me the sky is the limit


Empowordment Cards are for you!!

Empowordment Cards put words in your mouth

to encourage, support, love, celebrate,

empower, connect, giggle,

say “you’re the greatest”, thanks,

and many more things. 

And guess WHAT?

I’m doing it too…

Labor Day coupon

Have a look around

and see what you can find

to help you out and enjoy 20% OFF

through Tuesday!!

Use code LABORDAY20

Enjoy, and happy Labor Day weekend!

Love and hugs, Passionista Mimi



Living With Gusto

EmPOWordment Cards by Mimi

Perhaps you’ve noticed I’ve been a bit MIA lately. Hmmm?

Well one thing for sure, I haven’t posted in a while. You see, I’ve been just a tad busy. 

“Doing what?” you may ask. SOOO glad you did! Because I have an announcement to make!!

TaDaaaaa!! Presenting~~~~~


Say WHAAAT? What kind of word is “EmPOWordment”, anyway?

It’s a Mimi kind of word. It means

words that empower and encourage“!

And that is the kind of person I am. My goal is to help you empower and encourage others too, because, for goodness sake, we NEED it these days!!

You are amazing with a side of sprinkles

As Passionista At Large (my speaking-for-events business) my goal is to uplift, empower, inspire, ignite, inform, and give hugs to as many women (and some men too) as I possibly can. Thus, I signed up for a vendor show,

to “get myself out there”.

As I pondered how to draw people to my otherwise-empty booth,

I thought…

your life is a canvas

“If I have something to attract them to my table,

then I can talk to them, they will fall in love with me, and invite me to speak!”

Great plan, right?

You've got this

In no time at all the idea of creating inexpensive cards for people to give to others just burst from my heart into my computer and I had designed several cards. Then as the idea grew into a full-blown forest fire I designed even more, thinking of the people these cards could touch

WOW YOU DID IT!Whoo hoo great job

~Parents can put them in lunch boxes, back packs, on the bathroom mirror, or their child’s door or bed to support and congratulate.

~Teachers can hand them out as encouragement.

impossible only means I'm possible

~Lovers can leave them in conspicuous spots.

oh darling I love you flight

~Workers can drop them on their friends’ desks.


think live believe BIG

~Military families can mail them to their loved ones.

This one is her favorite, and she wants to give it to her two daughters in a frame.

Love is friendship caught fire.

~Those who send cards as a ministry will find them useful.   Believe

My brain kept seeing new ways for these words to bring light into people’s hearts and lives. 

Why are you trying to fit in

As Passionista, I designed many of them for the women I’ll be speaking to.

you are absolutely fabulousQueen of Courage border logo

To help them understand how amazing and awesome they are!

don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle

To reassure them that they are not alone in their struggles and walk.

 Don't live afraid (2)

That many of us have been through it.

Don't tell me the sky

We survived. We blossomed. We are united.

Your dreams

But I know that everyone’s spirit blossoms with encouragement so these are for YOU too.

I hope that you feel encouraged just reading them!

And if you’d like to pass them along via sharing and liking and pinning, that’s great! Please do!

If, like me, you prefer the paper variety, something tangible you can hold, return to and reread when you need it, then I actually have these for SALE!! Can you believe it?

You can shop right here! EmPOWordmentCards

Take a look. And I would be sooo delighted if you would share the word. I feel honored that my words will end up in the hearts and hands of others.

Thank you for your encouragement and support. You are part of why I do this!

May you have many sprinkles to share today!

Hugs, Passionista