Keepin' It Real

Too Exhausted For Goals!

January. Ugh. People are like, “Oh I love the beginning of a new year! I’m setting my intentions. I’m writing my goals. I’m picking a new theme or word of the year”. And I’m like, “Nope, just let me crawl back into bed.”   In Michigan where I live it’s one of the grayest, dreariest… Continue reading Too Exhausted For Goals!

Living With Gusto

Our Eyes Need Beauty

Where do you create or write or work or dream or plan? Do you have spots of beauty in your home or workplace? We are created in God's image and I know He loves beauty.  Just look at His creations! Our eyes and spirits need beauty because we are created to appreciate it.     I… Continue reading Our Eyes Need Beauty

Living With Gusto

Joy? Yes, joy!

Have you ever had one of those days where you were just filled with joy? Today was that kind of day for me. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful 30 degrees! Almost shirt-sleeve weather! I had to go grocery shopping, which I detest! But I had decided to treat myself with flowers.… Continue reading Joy? Yes, joy!

Living With Gusto

Sparkle & Shine Calendar is Here!

    Hello lovelies! Goodness this last six months has been incredibly busy. I seriously don't know how I had time to teach full time before I retired. Of course, I've added three jobs since then, all of them MY businesses. And I am entirely responsible for all three. That along with raising two special… Continue reading Sparkle & Shine Calendar is Here!

Living With Gusto

Bird Rules: A Lighthearted Correlation Between Birds and Humans

  Today I'm sharing my post on Aabrazine. I love watching the birds outside my kitchen window, and they have actually taught me some things about life!   I hope this post delights you. And maybe you can take some time to watch the birds too.   Until next time, love and hugs, Passionista  … Continue reading Bird Rules: A Lighthearted Correlation Between Birds and Humans