Be The Light (Guest Post)

Today I am sharing with you Vanessa's post on At The Picket Fence. She wrote about how we are called to be the light in this increasingly dark world. It resonated with me, perhaps because I believe my purpose is to shine my light as I speak life and truth in my writing and speaking, and even… Continue reading Be The Light (Guest Post)

Living With Gusto

Sparkle & Shine Calendar is Here!

    Hello lovelies! Goodness this last six months has been incredibly busy. I seriously don't know how I had time to teach full time before I retired. Of course, I've added three jobs since then, all of them MY businesses. And I am entirely responsible for all three. That along with raising two special… Continue reading Sparkle & Shine Calendar is Here!

Mimi's Messages

Tell Your Mama!

Has your mama been a shining light in YOUR life? Has she guided you through life's tumultuous waves and almost-drowning experiences?   Did she stretch out her hand for you to hold when fear made you tremble? And open her arms widely to receive and envelop you when you were broken-hearted? Did your mother support you… Continue reading Tell Your Mama!

Living With Gusto

To Love Even More~Is It Possible?

    Ohhhhh, yes. Sometimes our children are not as we expected--not as we dreamed and hoped. But in the midst of the grief (because yes, there is a grief process as we let go of those hopes and dreams for our children) we form new ideas, experience unplanned-for joys, celebrate the tiniest accomplishments-turned-into-milestones, sacrifice even… Continue reading To Love Even More~Is It Possible?


Sit Still and Quit Yer Worryin’

Don’t you dare think—for even one minute—that I don’t know what worry is. Yes, I have an amazing life. I’m blessed, fulfilled, and overflowing with the abundance of the Lord!! Looking at me now you might be tempted to think I must have an easy life. You might think I have never had it hard… Continue reading Sit Still and Quit Yer Worryin’

Christmas Reflections

Christmas Eve’s Eve

Two days, and it will already be over. I hate to see Christmas come to an end. I absolutely love this time of year. After this, it's all a bit anti-climatic. But, ahead of us is a new beginning, a "clean slate" to borrow a cliche. And Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and on… Continue reading Christmas Eve’s Eve