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Grandmama’s Quilt

I wanted to tell you that I appreciate you. Is it weird that I think about my readers during the day? Perhaps that's what bloggers do. I wouldn't know, I'm still relatively new at this and haven't talked to other bloggers. I have been are you? No, I mean really. Not what you think… Continue reading Grandmama’s Quilt

Living With Gusto

I’ll Love You Forever

One year. One year since I kissed you goodbye and watched you leave us. My heart hurts in missing you. My arms long to hug you. My soul needs to talk with you. I love you with all my heart, sweet sister.   Your leaving taught me two very important things: 1) To celebrate myself.… Continue reading I’ll Love You Forever

Living With Gusto

To Love Even More~Is It Possible?

    Ohhhhh, yes. Sometimes our children are not as we expected--not as we dreamed and hoped. But in the midst of the grief (because yes, there is a grief process as we let go of those hopes and dreams for our children) we form new ideas, experience unplanned-for joys, celebrate the tiniest accomplishments-turned-into-milestones, sacrifice even… Continue reading To Love Even More~Is It Possible?