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Better Than Jesus?

Did the title grab your attention? Well, what I read the other day in John 7 sure stopped me in my tracks! Let me know if it does you.  Jesus was speaking truth to a crowd of people, a common occurrence during his short lifetime here on earth. He made the (quite audacious) comment that… Continue reading Better Than Jesus?

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Hello Sunshine?

Cloudy. Doesn't matter if the sun is shining. Everything is cloudy. Your life. Your outlook. Your future. It doesn't feel like God is present in your life. You can't see Him or feel Him, and you don't even feel as if you know Him. But let me tell you something that I have learned a… Continue reading Hello Sunshine?

Inspiration, Keepin' It Real


There are many, many concerns on my mind these days. They kind of swirl around in the background as I go through my day. I'm not especially so worried that I can't do all that I need to, but yes, this list is ever-prevalent, just a thought away from giving me stress if I allow… Continue reading 11:11

Keepin' It Real, Living With Gusto


“In all things give thanks.” There is a reason the scripture instructs us to live like this. Do you know that negativity can’t live (lodge) in a thankful heart? I had a conversation the other day with a young woman who said something interesting. She said that for some people negativity is all they know.… Continue reading Nope!


Yes, YOU are Creative!

    We all have creative power within us. It’s a source wired into our spirits and it’s a part of what makes us human.   So think about this. You are creative and you create every single day! Your choices create consequences. Your actions create love or hate. Your words create life or death.… Continue reading Yes, YOU are Creative!


Be The Light (Guest Post)

Today I am sharing with you Vanessa's post on At The Picket Fence. She wrote about how we are called to be the light in this increasingly dark world. It resonated with me, perhaps because I believe my purpose is to shine my light as I speak life and truth in my writing and speaking, and even… Continue reading Be The Light (Guest Post)