Inspiration, Keepin' It Real


There are many, many concerns on my mind these days. They kind of swirl around in the background as I go through my day. I'm not especially so worried that I can't do all that I need to, but yes, this list is ever-prevalent, just a thought away from giving me stress if I allow… Continue reading 11:11

Living With Gusto

This Is Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It

  It’s my firm belief that our society could use a lot more attention. Not the “hey, look at me” kind of attention, but the kind that notices others. Attention to others: kindness, caring, listening, looking, touching, smiling, and sharing.   Of course, in order for this to happen we’d need to lift our faces… Continue reading This Is Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It


Thank You, God!

God's extreme sacrifice (of His Son) gave me true life. Not just life after death, but life in abundance while living.   HE is the source of my joy, my life, my positive outlook, my passion, my love, my energy, my laughter, my caring, my creativity, and every other aspect of my blessed life.  … Continue reading Thank You, God!