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There are many, many concerns on my mind these days. They kind of swirl around in the background as I go through my day. I’m not especially so worried that I can’t do all that I need to, but yes, this list is ever-prevalent, just a thought away from giving me stress if I allow it to.

I know that my ways are directed by the Lord. I know that He will provide for my needs and will accomplish all that He desires. I do turn my “list” over to Him. But some days the items on that list almost suffocate me.

Because God loves me and is concerned about my welfare and the condition of my brain, I believe He gives me signs to assure me that He is handling everything I’m concerned about. One of the ways He does this is by “helping” me to see the time of 11:11 on my clock.

For a long time now I’ve been seeing 11:11 on clocks around me (and my phone) and I believe it’s God telling me He loves me and that He is present in my life. I tell Him I love Him too whenever I see that time.

So these past two weeks I have been more concerned (stressed) than usual. The list continues to grow and things mount up. And guess what? For two nights in a row, no matter what my routine has been, when I crawled into bed and turned off the lamp, 11:11 was the time. God really does make me laugh!

I couldn’t have timed it. God is just saying that He is with me. His attention to, and providing of, the details that reassure me are precious acts of love. It’s such a sweet way of letting me know of His presence. He knows I love the visuals!

And then? The next morning I opened my Bible to read and it fell open to this verse I’d already underlined…

“Because you have delighted in Me as my great lover, I will answer your cry for help every time you pray.

And you will find and feel my presence even in your time of pressure and trouble.” 

Oh the timing of God’s hand in my life!!


Love and hugs, 

Passionista Mimi

Scripture quoted is Psalm 91:14-16 (excerpts) using The Passion Bible translation.

Comment below and tell me what YOU think the 11:11 on the clock means.


Keepin' It Real

Telling Toys About Jesus



I hope you enjoy this most precious video of my speech-and-language-impaired son. I printed out what he is saying (with a little interpretation). I don’t want you to miss a bit of it.

Here is the whole story. M loves Pokemon. He likes to look them up and find videos and information about them. He loves the fact that there are lots of characters. He’s been telling me about them for a long time now, what kind they are, what they do when they get mad, what powers they have and how they can help. While I’m not especially happy about some of them, he is so innocent that their influence hasn’t been detrimental (believe me, I keep close tabs). However, there is a type that I don’t like very much, so I told him one day as he was playing with his two new ones that he should tell them about Jesus. Then they could be Jesus followers. He said, “Yeah. Let’s do it.”

Thus the video.

M: Jesus Christ is the Lord, because He died a long time ago. And I wasn’t born.

Me: so what did Jesus do when He died?

M: People (God) healed Him.

Mom: Yep, He came back again didn’t He?

M: Yes!

Me: That’s what makes Him our God and totally different.

M: And, God made the foods to eat. They can help us to stay healthy.

And Noah did an ark, on the boat. *

Me: tell me more about God. Tell them more about Jesus so they know.

M: Hmm, anything?  Hmmm, like if the bully kids are hurting you, you can tell God to help.

Me: does He love us?

M: Yes, He loves us with all His heart! And did you know that God knows your names?

Me: He knows all about us doesn’t He?

M: Yep. And you will never be alone. God will take care of you wherever you go. You got to pray to Him.

And if you have nightmares, say, “Be gone in Jesus’ name.” **

This is how God made you that way.

—After the video was finished, he said to the two toys, “So what do you think?”

He told me, “They’re all in!!” so we changed their names to Angel and Helper, because they left their old behaviors behind. And now they are always helping to rescue.


*M is totally enamored with Noah’s ark. We talk about heaven a lot, and he is determined that Noah is going to give him a ride on his “boat”!

**Also, M used to have nightmares a lot (caused by, I’m sure, his horrible beginning). Once he began talking (not until around age 4) and I could understand what he was seeing when he would wake up, I taught him about our authority in Jesus’ name. And He TOOK that authority and told the “dirty faced man in the corner” to leave! We prayed this every night at bedtime for a while. “No more nightmares.” So this resonates deeply with him.


I hope you were as blessed by this man-child’s heart as I often am. God told us when he was tiny that he would touch people’s lives, and I pray that for him all the time.

Thank you for visiting.

Passionista Mama,