I Hope You Blew It!

I hope you have messed up really big. At least once in your life. Better yet, a whole bunch of messes. Mistakes. Wrong choices. Foot-in-your-mouth embarrassment and falling down onstage kinds of messing up. And please don’t think I’m mean, but I really hope that life has given you lemons. And disappointments. And some really… Continue reading I Hope You Blew It!

Living With Gusto

Self-Care Is Love

We put everyone and everything else first, at the expense of our health and spirit. Society has programmed us that way. Stop listening to the lies. You are enough already. MORE than enough.   You do not have to earn your way or work to deserve love (I learned this way too late in life)… Continue reading Self-Care Is Love

Living With Gusto

Bird Rules: A Lighthearted Correlation Between Birds and Humans

  Today I'm sharing my post on Aabrazine. I love watching the birds outside my kitchen window, and they have actually taught me some things about life!   I hope this post delights you. And maybe you can take some time to watch the birds too.   Until next time, love and hugs, Passionista  … Continue reading Bird Rules: A Lighthearted Correlation Between Birds and Humans

Christmas Reflections

A Blue Christmas?

Several years back, my first Christmas as a single mom with my closest family members nine hours away was difficult, to say the least. By the next year, with a bit of experience, my coping skills had improved. On Christmas day, I booked a room at a hotel in a wonderful touristy town close to us. We… Continue reading A Blue Christmas?


First You Must Trust Yourself

First you must trust yourself...if you can't, you may put too much weight on what others think or say.    Everything you need is inside you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are enough. You are capable. You are fabulous. Your own mind and heart know. Truly. Just take the time to see and… Continue reading First You Must Trust Yourself


Why NOT Me?

You should never feel as if you are insignificant and undeserving. Dream that dream. Set those goals before you. Because, why shouldn't you reach them? You, as much as anyone you admire, deserve the chance to do what your heart desires. Yep, sometimes it takes a long time. And it's really, really tough. But that… Continue reading Why NOT Me?

Living With Gusto

You’re Supposed To Be Afraid!

I just read an amazing post by Lori Fields of "Your Worthy Self". She is such an inspiration to me, and I love that we work together in the trenches to help women realize how amazing, worthy, creative, capable, and enough they are. She speaks of fear as that which helps us grow... "You no longer… Continue reading You’re Supposed To Be Afraid!

Living With Gusto

A Year of Wildness + Special Gift

This has been an amazing year for me in so many ways! One of those ways has been to jump off the high dive (yes, another one) and tap into my creativity in ways I never envisioned. My EmPOWordment©Cards by Mimi  have been reaching into people's lives in a way that thrills me! Yay! Let's hear… Continue reading A Year of Wildness + Special Gift



Having children with special needs is such a challenge! But one thing I've keeps us TOTALLY dependent on God. No way can I be "in control" because in the blink of an eye, our life could be in shambles.There are days my prayer has been, "Oh God, oh God, oh God" because I just… Continue reading Overcomer