Living With Gusto

First Love Yourself



Happy March! (This is from my “Wings & Dreams” calendar. You can still purchase one on sale in my shop.)

As Lucille Ball said, ” Love yourself first, and all the rest falls into line.”
It’s pretty difficult to accomplish what your heart desires if you don’t feel as if you are worth it. 
It’s tough to offer love to others if you feel really cruddy about yourself.
It’s almost impossible to be confident and positive if you really don’t like yourself.
What can you do today to nurture your soul? As women we nurture everyone else, but not ourselves.
Speak up for your right to take time to do something that nurtures YOU. (Convince yourself you are worthy of it. It will make you a better person, dissolve resentment, and empower you!)
Tell me below what you are going to do for yourself today. Me? I just got my heart rate up for 15 minutes. Go me! Now let’s see if I keep with it! Cheer me on.

Living With Gusto

#GirlsCan: Women Empowerment

#GirlsCan: Women Empowerment | COVERGIRL – YouTube.

I sure can identify with this video. I know it’s promoting a product. But I really like it!

Why? Because~

I was told I can’t be so loud.

I can’t dance.

I can’t touch people so much.

I can’t love like that.

I can’t have feelings of anger.

I can’t do things right.

I can’t have–or even ask for–what I want.

I can’t dress like that.

I can’t say those things.

But guess what?
You can buy this card HERE!

I AM, I CAN, and I DO! I say that with pride of accomplishment! With the feeling of freedom under my wings. I say that with all the gusto and bravo I can muster, because each breath of being the real ME, the one that is noisy, loud, active, passionate, who loves to touch people, and love people……

THAT LADY…that PASSIONISTA…..THIS one right here? I have earned the right to BE, through blood, sweat, and oceans of tears!!

And I gotta say, as I take deep, life-giving breaths into my giddy-with-freedom body….



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