The effect you have on others is your most valuable currency

“So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. What we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect. So we never dare to ask the universe for it. I’m saying that you can ask the universe for it. You are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world. You have two choices–love or fear. Choose love, and don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.” Jim Carrey


Dear readers, I encourage you to reach….reach for those things you desire to fulfill your lives! Don’t hear me saying empty words, because I know that so much of what we wish for is attainable. I’m not speaking of material goods, but instead, a purpose that fulfills our soul. We are ALL created with a purpose. In fact, we are tailor-made for it. And once we are riding in the channel of it, we will be fulfilled.

Will there be difficulty, tragedy, loss, and hardship while finding our purpose that fulfills? Yes. There will be. Sometimes these things actually bring us TO our purpose. 

And sometimes it will seem as if there is no way possible to becoming fulfilled in your purpose. Or even knowing what it is!

Finding your purpose and fulfillment takes perseverance and doing the hard work:

*like seeking your heart’s voice,

*asking yourself what is it that will light your fire,

*remembering the times when it seemed that your soul soared, and

*honing in to shape your purpose from that.

Hard work, like:

*Believing in yourself enough to know that you deserve to be fulfilled.

*Believing that you CAN be filled with purpose, fire, light, and energy.

*Knowing that what you desire to do will affect others positively, changing their lives by mending, healing, touching, inspiring, and bringing LIFE to them. 


YOU have a reason to be here on this earth. Do not let fear rob you of that!! Of course it’s scary! Of course it’s hard. If it were easy, everyone else would be doing it already! However, there is a specially-carved niche just for YOU. And it’s your place, your purpose, your fulfillment.

Seek it out. Perhaps it will take a few trials to find it. Perhaps it will boil below the surface for a while. However, I believe that in your heart, in your “knower”, you already are aware of what lights you up.

What hums in your soul.

What intrigues and excites you.

Go there. Find it. Nourish it whatever the cost. Let the song of your heart sing loudly. Because the Creator put it there, and that song tells you who you are and what your purpose is in this life. 


 If Jim Carrey’s words intrigued you, watch more of the video at 


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I Got Published…No Joke!



Poetry I wrote while going through some

very tough years has just been published!

Eeeeek I’m so excited!

You can find it in the e-magazine

Abra-Zine at:


I’m excited to share these poems! If anything can come from the hurt, struggle, desperation, brokenness and growth of those years, and if anyone can be inspired or helped, I will be blessed!

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Strong People Do WHAT?

strong people

“Strong people don’t put other people down…They lift them up.
The more you encourage others the more positive and enthusiastic you will become.”  Zig Ziglar

This has been true in my own life! When you help others find their calling, their fulfillment, your own life blooms. Encourage others in the midst of their doubt or failings and you lift your own heart. Give to others of your resources and your life prospers. When you walk alongside someone in the midst of their difficult journey, your own journey is lighter.

I highly encourage you to try this if it’s not already your nature. Burdens are lighter when divided. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes by walking beside them, lifting them along the way. Your life can only be made richer for it.

Love and hugs, Passionista Mimi

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This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain in Love.

Can you imagine, and perhaps you really can, what it is like to experience that first, heart-blowing realization that someone actually loves you completely? Loves you without boundaries or restraint, regardless of your brokenness, emotional issues, and the truckloads of psychological stuff you carry with you? It is addictive to say the least. Your mind returns again and again to thoughts of that person who loves you so unconditionally. Why? Because it feels marvelous. The endorphin rush you feel each time you realize that someone can actually love YOU (and all your quirkiness, your faults, and your issues that seem to make you relationally dysfunctional) is likened to that of a chemical rush to your brain.

Unconditional love is just that, no conditions attached. You are loved just because you are YOU. Not what you do. Not because of how good you are or how you look or sound or smell. Just because you are that amazing and unique package of YOU. Someone finds delight in the person of you. That is heady stuff…and you want more.

I am blessed to have experienced this. For the first time in my life, no matter how weird I got, or dysfunctional, or disappointing I was, I was loved completely. This person didn’t see a need to change or reform me, to control my loud, hyper personality, my neediness, or insecurity. In fact, just the opposite happened. My new love actually celebrated and enjoyed the real me, told me wonderful things about myself I had not known. And so, I became……addicted.

We have heard the phrases “addicted to love” and “love addiction”, and come to find out there is scientific truth to them. According to results found in a study done in 2000,

” The f(functional)MRI study also discovered that the part of brain associated with addiction was activated when participants were viewing pictures of the people they were in love with. This area is comprised of a very high concentration of dopamine receptors, a neurotransmitter which, among other things, is related to addiction. And certainly it is true that love and addiction bear some important similarities.”
(The article goes on to speak about obsessive compulsion and acting a bit batty, but I’m trying to ignore those.)

This kind of love and acceptance brings a dopamine rush and can be full-out addicting! Love is indeed a wonderful “feel good” drug!

I’ve always been afraid to be completely real, somehow feeling that I wouldn’t be liked for who I really am. I’m pretty sure I became a people-pleaser while still in the womb, but that is a story for later. So when I was fully and completely accepted, with joy no less, it was a wonderful and beautiful balm to my wounded spirit. A balm that began to heal and nourish and “give my heart wings” enough to venture out of my self-imposed survival mode (which felt very much like a box). The fear of what others would think about me, how they would regard my true personality, began to fall away in the face of such acceptance and enjoyment of me.

We are told that God has this kind of love for us–actually because His is a sacrificial love, it’s way better–but it’s hard to even conceive. However, to experience unconditional love in a person, with skin on, someone we see, talk with and touch, gives us a much clearer picture.

I hope that if you haven’t yet, you will experience this kind of unconditional love. We all deserve it. I didn’t think I did. I settled for the other kind. It hurt. It stifled. It closed me up. But this kind of love? This love set me free.

An unconditional love can completely transform our hearts.  Read about it at

An unconditional love can completely transform our hearts.


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Sit Still and Quit Yer Worryin’

Be still

Don’t you dare think—for even one minute—that I don’t know what worry is. Yes, I have an amazing life. I’m blessed, fulfilled, and overflowing with the abundance of the Lord!! Looking at me now you might be tempted to think I must have an easy life. You might think I have never had it hard since I seem to be an annoying Positive Patty. But oh how wrong you would be! The stories I could, and most likely will, tell!

And besides, I’m an ex-control freak, for goodness sake, with worry a basic requirement. So yeah, I know about worry. But did you notice I said, “ex”? Oh yes, I’ve been through the not-so-pleasant boot camp named Control Freak Reform (did you notice the “not-so-pleasant”?).  And during the time I was learning to release control of my life, learning to admit and believe that I can NOT completely govern what happens in my life, everything went kaboom. Hmmm, life lesson anyone?

In the span of a few years, I had retired (after thirty-three years of teaching) to spend more time with my then six-year-olds, I lost my house to foreclosure, was then sued by the mortgage insurance company and had to file bankruptcy to protect myself, I had to leave my marriage, and had moved–lock, stock, barrel, and two kids (and a one hundred-year old solid oak upright piano)—twice. When the dust settled, I found myself the single mom of two special-needs eight-year-olds, living on a small monthly pension, at an age where most of my colleagues were grandparents. The three of us had been through many changes (difficult for typical children, but especially so for at-risk kids) and I was determined to knit us together as a family. My ex-husband was pretty much out of the picture (even the country) for most of that time. I have no other family members in Michigan, and was striving to make it–alone. My body was worn out. My mind exhausted. Yep, I was fried.

I began to battle worry about the future. I say “battle” because I’m usually very positive and able to trust the Lord quite deeply. He has proven faithful over and over, so worry doesn’t usually prevail. But, at this point, this day, I was in the battle. My brain swarmed with questions…will I have enough money? … how will I earn more?… who will take care of my kids when I die? what will happen with my son and his ability to earn income?… when my savings runs out, how will I cope—I’m too exhausted to work a nine to five! I really need to have a plan! I want my ducks in a row!

Eventually, exhausted, I threw everything down, and just sat. And prayed. My wonderfully-worded prayer went something like this, “Oh God, oh God, oh God…..” Profound, huh? Good thing God understands the yearnings of our hearts.

As the worry began to recede (because I was filling my mind with prayer instead) reassurance whispered. I knew it was my heavenly Father, and He was saying, “Live in my ‘today’. I hold your tomorrows.” And I knew my worry was only robbing the energy from the present.

So, feeling slightly guilty (because shouldn’t I be doing something?), I began to clear my mind. I don’t know about you, but for me, this is a conscious, purposeful act, and doesn’t come easily. I actually have to picture taking each thought captive and giving it up because it’s so hard for me to surrender. Only then could I begin to relax. I released my clenched teeth, uncurled my shoulders, and took a deep, cleansing breath.  I did not get busier to avoid the worry. I accepted. I leaned into Him. And found it to be the most luxurious feeling!

In her wonderful book God’s Joyful Surprise, Sue Monk Kidd says, “Waiting time allows the loving call of God to sink into our marrow and become one with us.”

In other words, when we take the time to wait, God’s loving call sinks into us, permeates our being, and goes so deeply as to become one with us. His call becomes our life-giving force, as if it’s in the very marrow of our bones. Isn’t that an amazing thought? On that day, I wrote in my journal,

“While I’m sitting here, breathing in the essence of God’s spirit, surrendering my worry, I see myself resting my head on the swell of God’s thumb as He cradles me in His palm. I am supported and sheltered by the curl of His mighty fingers around me. The part that nourishes my soul is when He moves me close to His mouth and whispers…His breath—the mighty breath of God—flowing over my heart, filling the anxious, dark places“.

Such a glorious picture! Perhaps something like this:


There is a scripture I find intriguing. “I will allure her to the wilderness and speak tenderly to her.” (Hosea 2:14) God knows He has to allure us, call and entice us, to come away from all that holds us. I love that He speaks to us tenderly, not condemning, not with judgment, but with a most amazing love.

Often it takes being in the wilderness, stumbling to find our way, for us to give up and listen for God’s voice. In the past, I haven’t relinquished my control easily, and still sometimes deal with that. But when I do, when I allow His breath to whisper to me? It’s then that I KNOW:

He is God.

He loves me with abandon.

He has a precious plan for me.

He will guide and instruct me.

As surely as he cradles me, he also holds my future.

And if He is all that for me, He will be all that for you!

Hugs and love, Passionista Mimi

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heart explosion drawing


My heart fluttered hopelessly– a wounded bird

valiantly trying to take flight

and arise from the dry, cracked soil

where I’d been grounded.

Unbidden, you came–

a strong, healing wind

breathing life into my broken heart,

energizing, strengthening,

a force which lifted,

giving my heart wings to soar;

renewed by hope,

empowered by promise,

healed by an unconditional,

uncommon, love.

Hope you were able to glean something meaningful from this. Love and hugs, Passionista Mimi

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Having children with special needs is such a challenge! But one thing I’ve learned….it keeps us TOTALLY dependent on God. No way can I be “in control” because in the blink of an eye, our life could be in shambles.There are days my prayer has been, “Oh God, oh God, oh God” because I just didn’t have words. Didn’t have energy to formulate words. It was all I could do to breathe and take care of my children (I am their only parent). Some weeks (months) is a challenge. Like pushing a locomotive up a steep mountain.

And then, thank God, we will get a reprieve and I can at last take a deep breath. And I just sit. And sit. And let God fill my mind, body, and breath. And He brings healing to my emotions. Because there is no doubt about how emotionally draining it is to watch your child hurt, or be disappointed because of physical limitations, or become emotionally so out-of-sorts that all day is a battle. Or how physically and emotionally exhausting it is to be making hard, frustrating, impossible decisions for the duration of several days. Sleep-deprived, worry-filled, and constantly searching for solutions can totally wring a person out!

But oh, God is able! This video is amazing and so uplifting.  Mandisa sings her song Overcomer with clips of people who have overcome some extreme physical challenges. I equate the physical with our mental and emotional challenges. It’s not an easy journey (Wait, what? It’s gonna be hard? Hey, I didn’t sign up for that!!!) But a journey that I hope will bring God glory. Because the glory is all His. Anything that I’ve accomplished with my children has been while He was holding my hand, speaking into my spirit (sometimes I didn’t want to hear Him–la la la la la!), and guiding my every move. Because I was useless. Incapacitated. In spite of that, and because of Him, my children are amazing miracles. But that’s a story for another time. Enjoy the video. You will be hooked!


Love and hugs, Passionista Mimi


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And so, she believed…

she believed she could 2

If you would like to be inspired by women who believed they could, did, and made a difference in spite of odds against them……check out the post by Debbie Phillips, founder of Women on Fire, of the **Top 10 Women Who Set 2013 On Fire** .

Sometimes we just need to see that others survived. Not to dismiss our own journeys of pain, turmoil, disappointment, and loss, but to see that it’s possible to come through to the other side and LIVE! And sometimes it’s even possible to bring others along with us!

Take care, and love and hugs! Passionista Mimi

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