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Your Heart

Busy. So very busy. Overwhelmed. Keeping up. Appearances. Tasks and “to do”s.

He came into our world quietly. This birth was the most extravagant act of love in all of creation.
Like all babies, pushing his way into the middle of people, some who would love, some who would hate. Some who would worship and adore, some indifferent and unaware.

Not forcing Himself onto you.
But inviting you to take Him into your life.
That very life given by Him. Created for you, by Him.

Your heart. The most sensitive part of humanity created.
Your heart, filled with every emotion imaginable—love, hate, fear, anger, sadness, joy—has been assaulted since birth by the evil one.
That evil one wanted this Magnificent Child dead, but since he lost, he wants to destroy the children of the King.

Your heart—
it has been broken, assaulted, torn asunder—
shattering the very part of you He loves the most.

That Child
Who quietly pushed His way into our world?
Who longs for you to invite Him into your life?

HE has a story for your life. A plan. A purpose.
For you see? He is the risen Lord of Lords, and King of Kings.
He is Emmanuel—God with us! He is all that God is.
Because He IS God.

He alone holds the power of healing in His hands.
Healing for your wounded, assaulted heart.
He can bring those shattered pieces back together;
hold them in His nail-scarred hands

With the most exquisite love,
the most outrageous display of delight in you,
and the most tender love you’ve ever known.

So I ask you…what will you do?

Make room?

Is there room in YOUR heart?

Is there room in your HEART for HIS story for your life?

“The sleeping town, they did not know
That lying in a manger low
A Savior King who had no home
Has come to heal our sorrows.

You can come as you are
But it may set you apart
When you make room in your heart
And trade your dreams for His glory

Make room in your heart
Make room in your heart
Is there room in your heart?
Is there room in your heart
For God to write His story?

“Make Room” by Casting Crowns

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