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I’ll Love You Forever

One year. One year since I kissed you goodbye and watched you leave us. My heart hurts in missing you. My arms long to hug you. My soul needs to talk with you. I love you with all my heart, sweet sister.   Your leaving taught me two very important things: 1) To celebrate myself.… Continue reading I’ll Love You Forever

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Going! Going! Gone?

You didn't sign up for my blog to receive news about my Empowordment Cards, but because positive self image and encouraging others is my THING, these cards are a part of ME. Sooooo.... I won't do a bazillion posts about them. BUT.... I have put a bunch of cards on 50% off sale, and I… Continue reading Going! Going! Gone?

Mimi's Messages

Tell Your Mama!

Has your mama been a shining light in YOUR life? Has she guided you through life's tumultuous waves and almost-drowning experiences?   Did she stretch out her hand for you to hold when fear made you tremble? And open her arms widely to receive and envelop you when you were broken-hearted? Did your mother support you… Continue reading Tell Your Mama!

Living With Gusto

Self-Care Is Love

We put everyone and everything else first, at the expense of our health and spirit. Society has programmed us that way. Stop listening to the lies. You are enough already. MORE than enough.   You do not have to earn your way or work to deserve love (I learned this way too late in life)… Continue reading Self-Care Is Love

Living With Gusto

This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain in Love.

Can you imagine, and perhaps you really can, what it is like to experience that first, heart-exploding realization that someone actually loves you completely? Loves you without boundaries or restraint, regardless of your brokenness, emotional issues, and the truckloads of psychological stuff you carry with you? It is addictive to say the least.   Your… Continue reading This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain in Love.

Living With Gusto

What IS a BOX anyway?

"Thinking outside the box." "Living outside the box." We hear these phrases all the time. And so I ask you, WHAT is a BOX? As a well-practiced People Pleaser, I do believe I was living inside a box of other people's expectations, their opinions of me, their considerations of what was a worthy pursuit for… Continue reading What IS a BOX anyway?


It’s Not You, It’s Me~Guest post

I read a wonderful blog post today from Vanessa of At The Picket Fence. About insecurity. I believe it's at the heart of many damaging behaviors-- which most surely become weapons, cutting to the very heart and soul. My own insecurity led to attention-seeking behaviors.... people pleasing....and very "loud" body language (because I wasn't permitted to… Continue reading It’s Not You, It’s Me~Guest post

Living With Gusto

Yes I AM!!! (A Valentine to Myself)

Valentine's can be a time that sends those of us whom are uncoupled (I just learned that word, convenient, huh?) into despondency and gloom. It kind of creates the Bah Humbug spirit in us when we see the hearts and flowers, the endless ads with couples looking adoringly into each other's eyes, even the little… Continue reading Yes I AM!!! (A Valentine to Myself)

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Sister Love

It's my sister's fault. I've got computer neck, squinty eyes, laundry piled up, books unread...yep, I'm going to blame her. Here's the deal. Mindy, my little sister, came to visit. She's four years younger than I am, so even though she is almost 58 she will always be my "little" sister. And I miss her… Continue reading Sister Love

Living With Gusto

To Love Even More~Is It Possible?

    Ohhhhh, yes. Sometimes our children are not as we expected--not as we dreamed and hoped. But in the midst of the grief (because yes, there is a grief process as we let go of those hopes and dreams for our children) we form new ideas, experience unplanned-for joys, celebrate the tiniest accomplishments-turned-into-milestones, sacrifice even… Continue reading To Love Even More~Is It Possible?