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All They Want For Christmas Is YOU!

We pressure ourselves to get the best Christmas gifts for our children. We just want them to be excited and happy. Well, guess what? This teacher tells us that what has mattered most to her students is spending time with their parents. And as a retired teacher, I can vouch for her. Kids want US!… Continue reading All They Want For Christmas Is YOU!

Living With Gusto

Summer Delights

Happy July! This summer is going so quickly that I make certain to enjoy the little things that fill it up.¬† I posted these on my Instagram, so this may be a repeat to some of you.¬† These beautiful, dark red cherries in the little pink vintage bowl on this old wooden stool...... This amazingly… Continue reading Summer Delights

Mimi's Messages

Do You Love Your Child “Every Single Bit”?

I designed this card to express how I feel about my children. How about saying these words to your own children? Help them feel like precious treasures. Because when children know that they are amazing and wonderful and CHERISHED, they have a healthy foundation for self-love and courage, and know that they have a safe… Continue reading Do You Love Your Child “Every Single Bit”?

Christmas Reflections

Tiny Home

This post was actually drafted in December last year and saved . I decided to post it anyway, although things have changed a bit. For the last several days, I have really enjoyed reading blogs from some amazingly creative women. Women like me who have children, love to decorate, lead a busy life, and who… Continue reading Tiny Home

Christmas Reflections

I Had Plans…

I really did. To take the kids someplace, just to get outside, away for a while. But my little home is a Christmas Wonderland, and I am quite reluctant to leave it. I guess I've made it too cozy, if that's possible. Well, I guess it's possible because I don't want to ever leave. And… Continue reading I Had Plans…