Something fun today. All the daffodils finally blooming in Michigan give me such joy! This is a poem I wrote many years ago for my second grade class art project. I love daffodils!



Also I was able to make my first “yard gathering” of the season. Yay! If you have read by blog for long, or are on my Instagram feed, you will know that I absolutely love and need flowers for my soul to be happy. And soon I will have a yard full. These brave little yellow blooms are quite precious to me, since it’ll be a while before I have any other kind to pick.

I hope you enjoy this sunny post today! And I wish you health and blessings.

Much love, Mimi





Come See My Garden

My yard gives me such pleasure!

It’s a retreat for me, it gives me visual delight,

it’s a place of wonder and curiosity.

My favorite color is pink! The pink flowers here are Lantana. The bottom picture shows them in a toolbox of my uncle’s who was a house painter.


Many of these plants were moved multiple times and they really like it here!

Pink Martha Washington geraniums give the most bang for your buck! Bottom left shows Limelight Hydrangea with Black Lace bush behind it. Of course, Black-eyed Susans always complete a garden.


In the last four years they have grown, multiplied, intermingled, and I love it!

I LOVE hydrangeas!! These are all from the Limelight and I’m drying them. I also LOVE anything galvanized. Can you tell?


I realize I am quite fortunate.

My yard is awesome, my flowers grow like crazy, and it’s a feast for my eyes.

That crazy green leafy vine hanging from the red headboard is a Sweet Potato Vine. Beside it is a Sedum of some kind. It goes crazy too! Below is the sweet little memorial for my sister, the garden stone was given to me by a friend. The broken crock made a great planter.


I also realize that most of this is not my doing but that of God’s blessing.

And I am deeply thankful.

Baby finches abound right now! They are everywhere, learning to fly and chattering constantly. They are a thirsty lot. Those bright flowers on the bottom are zinnias! I never knew until this year that they came in a short, shrub-like version.


Thanks for taking a little tour of my front yard gardens.

I hate to see them go, but soon frost will come.

Oh well, it’s always fun to see everything come up in the spring.

What about you?

Do any of you love growing things?

Tell me about your gardens!


Until next time,

Big hugs, Passionista Mimi


A Minute Speck

Hubble pics

with technology we’ve gone from thinking the world is flat
to thinking that we are “all that”.
To believing that our world is so large

to believing we are “in charge”.

However, this whole incredibly amazing universe,

larger than we can comprehend,

Is held togther in the Almighty Creator’s hand.

And to think that He loves US, and adores His creation! It truly humbles my heart and gives me hope.

Hope …when it seems that our world is truly on  a course of destruction. Hope … knowing that our God is unshakable. He does not tremble. He does not fear. He created all of this.

Yesterday there was a rare lunar eclipse that had many of us talking and taking pictures. I was quite tickled that God gave me (yes, He loves me that much) a PINK moon!! The rest of you just got to benefit. Ha!

As you view these amazing pictures taken by Hubble, prepare to be in awe….

Love and big hugs,

Passionista Mimi