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Ever Feel Like You don’t Belong?


Most of my life I have felt left out, looked over, and that I didn’t really fit in or belong.

Some of this was because I moved so many times during my school years. I was always trying to fit into a new crowd of people who already had their cliques. And I was shy and anxious, which sure didn’t help my cause.

Being taller than the other students, and often the teachers, made me feel gangly and ugly and awkward. I was not in the least sports-oriented and was always chosen last in gym class teams. (I know a lot of you can relate to this one).

Unfortunately, perhaps from listening to lies or just my own family’s limitations, I had an attitude of jealousy when I saw other friends doing fun stuff or having opportunities that I did not. I felt looked over. I now know that wasn’t the case, just the situation, but it was another lie that plagued me.

All that background leads to why I love these verses so much!! I have a place, a home, where I am cherished and valued. I am picked first! I am the most popular! I am cherished!

Of course, you know that I am referring to my home with Jesus, my family with Abba Daddy God. Knowing how He regards me has totally changed how I see myself!

I know that to some of you I am old, so you may think I don’t know what you are going through. I also realize that I’ve been able to shake off the opinions of others and striving to please people to feel like I matter. Oh goodness, what glorious freedom! But it took years, years I say! I’ve walked where you walk.

Perhaps I didn’t have the social media influence that you have now, but that didn’t keep me from yearning to be like the popular girls. From desiring to be liked by the boys. From wishing I had clothes like the others wore. Or that we had enough money to do some of the things the other families did. Believe me, I had the kind of comparisons going on in my brain that you have now.

And I had all the deep feelings I described earlier. So really, I’m no different from most of you reading this. So….

take these words to heart. 

“To those who were rejected and not my people, I will say to them:
You are mine.’

And to those who were unloved, I will say,
You are my darling.’

In the place where they were told, ‘You are nobody,’

this will be the place where they will be renamed
Children of the living God.’”

Hosea 2:23 Passion Bible

Take heart, my dear friends. There is a place for you where

You are chosen! You are cherished! You belong!

All my love,

Passionista Mimi

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