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I am not a DIYer. Well, not much. But THIS lady is amazing!!

This is Marian, aka Miss Mustard Seed, a wife, mother, lover of all things home and an accidental entrepreneur, author, freelance writer & photographer.mms

I’ve been following her for several years and I just love her! She is on her way to Luckett’s Market where she is selling her beautifully refurbished and restored furniture and all the other items she collects to sell. I SO enjoyed watching them pack the truck to transport the 50+ furnitue items and “smalls”. I thought I’d share it with you because it’s phenomenal packing skill at it’s BEST!! And as a pretty skilled packer myself, I bow in awe of this!!

If you are limited on time, scroll to the bottom of the post and watch the packing video. If you’d like to learn a bit more (I’m always so very curious) enjoy the post. You can read and see it all here.

Goodnesss watching that just makes me laugh!! And tired. Is it nap time yet?

Hope y’all have a glorious weekend!

Love, hugs, and sparkles.

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15 Uplifting Photos From the Boston Marathon

“Boston Strong!” What an amazing comeback! I wonder what was going through the minds of those who participated and those who cheered. Whatever it was, there was definitely a positive attitude that carried those runners. Thanks to Mashable for these photos!

“With the second-largest number of entrants in its history, the 2014 Boston Marathon was more than just a race — it was a comeback.

One year after the bombings, runners and spectators alike exemplified “Boston Strong,” a motto the city unofficially adopted in 2013. Survivors completed the race and joined each other at the finish line. An American man won for the first time since 1983, and there was at least one wedding proposal.”


boston marathon 2 Boston marathon

Be sure to click on the link to read the captions under these photos. Two of my favorites!

Yay Boston! Yay American Spirit! Yay Runners!


I’m Particularly Passionate …


Passionista Poem

Hi and welcome to my blog. I have decided to jump on the techie band wagon and see where it leads me. I have four Facebook pages, so who knows if I’ll even have time to use this. But I wanted to comment on another blog, and was required to make a blog here. Soooo….

Here I am. Where are you?

Before I share my own passions, do you have any you’d like to share? I know that women are emotional, and I call that passion. Only recently have I realized that passion is a good thing. It kind of had negative connotations for a while in my life, but now I fully realize it’s WHO I am, and I do not apologize. That may have a lot to do with my age…and having lived for years trying to please everyone else. And having decided that I need to live my life as I’ve been created, full of passion…love, opinions, desire for justice, compassion, desire to educate, enjoyment of play and fun, zero tolerance for bullying (or harm to humans OR animals intentionally for greed and money)…many passions.

Thanks for stopping by.


Perhaps there will be more. Mimi