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Whatever Is Pure

(Originally written in June of 2012, I decided it still had some good points, so posted it now.)
I am usually a very positive person. However, being broadsided by the life-changing event of breaking my right leg, which means no walking or driving for at LEAST eight weeks, kind of had me in an
“I’m not in control, I can’t DO anything,
I can’t stand to sit here like this, doesn’t God realize He made me ADHD,
I can’t take care of my kids, I have to ASK people,
this really hurts, they should have fixed that stupid parking lot,
this isn’t fair, our whole summer taken away (I kind of have a dramatic flair, ya think?),
oh my goodness sitting here inside is killing me,
which meds am I on, is it time to take more, ouch it hurts, must be time,
I hate this stupid, heavy cast, I hate this whole thing”
kind of negative-repeated-circling of the vultures in my brain. Whew, no wonder I’ve been so worn out and depressed. (Being ADHD with high verbal capacity only means I say more and say it more frequently!)
thankful 2

So….the last two days I’ve been doing a different kind of thinking, more like the person I really am in spirit. Oh. My. Goodness. I have just tons and tons of things to be THANKFUL for. We all do. And I want to encourage you to do as I am, rejoice in those things. Make a list if necessary. (Surely I can help someone while I’m destined to be a “Couch Coach” during this time. Let me know if I do–God knows people help me all the time.) Oops, gotta take a potty break, it’ll be ten minutes or so but I’ll be back. If I’m not, send in the reinforcements!

My List:
*I can’t walk…for now. BUT eventually I WILL be able to, unlike MANY others. My disablement will end.
*I can’t drive…BUT I will. AND I have a car. AND I’m saving on gas. AND someone else is using my car that needs it right now.
*My kids are missing out on summer fun and us going places…BUT they have been going to the summer activities program at the school for FREE, provided by the 21st Century Bridges To Success grant (from our state’s Dept. of Education). They have been cared for, had great activities, gone on three field trips and are at a water park as I write this. AND I have friends with kids who will do things with us in July. My kids are waaay blessed, so much more than many, many American kids.
*I have to sit inside…BUT I have an air-conditioned house, lots of good, clean drinking water, and a very cute place to dwell.
*My only bathroom is upstairs…BUT I could afford to purchase a “beside commode” for emergencies. Besides, when I don’t wait too long and have some time, I build my pectorals and triceps by hauling my butt up the steep stairs!
*This commode stinks and is embarrassing…..BUT it means my body is working and I have lots of good urine, and I don’t have to wear a bag, like many people. ALSO, I have friends (and Hannah) who will empty it without batting an eye (’cept for Hannah for whom it takes reminders of the bazillion diapers SHE gave me). Now that’s real love, people who will pour out my pee. ♥
*I’m forced to sit….BUT I have hundreds of people a few keystrokes away. I have tons of good books to read. I have things to learn on the internet and to study for my job. I can have as much music and media as I can tolerate. Wow!! I am so very rich! It’s incredible to think about all I have available to me!
*I need to go some places, scheduled appointments.…BUT I have friends who are driving me. I’ve never been more impressed with the quality (and sheer number) of people whom I call friends. My varied walks of life have given me a delightfully eclectic group of people whom I love and care about. They are rising to my occasion of need and volunteering at a consistently humbling rate. I only hope I’ll be there for them when needed.
*My body hurts! Moving is a major act of mass vs. resistance ….BUT I’ve been wanting to work out lol. Not quite THIS way, but I will have more/better muscles (at least in some areas) when this is over. AND I can still move around via unique appliances (rolling chairs, walker, stools, and soon a scooter). AND I am strong and healthy. What a wonderful blessing-a healthy body.
*OMGoodness! One of the best rejoicings on my list is that I am now the proud owner of a scooter, christened “See Mimi Go Go”. (It’s a Go Go Mobile, easy to transport). I get it Tuesday. Wheee! I figure it’s a good 60th birthday present to myself. Ha! It will allow me to go so many more places this next month while I can’t walk.
At times, we need to just STOP! Stop the cycling of frenzy. Stop and breathe. Stop the worry. Pause and let the peace settle into our minds. Then change our focus. Focus on all that is good, and right, and lovely in our lives.
God can do abundantly
This scripture has captivated me for most of my adult life. It has filled me, lead me, directed me, and assured me so many times. After listing all these amazing blessings, I’m reminded again that my God “is able to do EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY above all that we could ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20. He is in the business of changing lives and I’d say MINE changed yesterday! My precious friends, (those of you who waded through my verbosity of thankfulness), please know that YOU count in my blessings. What would I do without each of you? Your prayers and encouragement, your hands-on help, your total love without limits…. WOW all I can say is it brings me to tears (or maybe that’s the Vicodin 🙂 ). Thank you. You are a treasured part of my life.
Love and hugs, Passionista Mimi
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