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Live In The Present

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Truly, we must learn to live each day as if it’s our last. Because, really, our future is not guaranteed, and we often let opportunities pass us by. I know this sounds like an overused cliché, but I’ve been impressed with the honesty and urgency of these words. 

Mainly because I’m making the decision whether to “retire” or not–the word put in quotes because who, really, retires these days? This word is especially laughable for me because I am the only parent of two special-needs young teens. I will never, ever, in this lifetime, “retire” (except to heaven, and that’s another journey that awaits!).

As I reflect on my own parents’ retirement, I’m still saddened that my mom waited until she was 68 to retire. I know that seems young in this age, but her body had begun to collapse and fall apart, which meant that she only had about 4 years of traveling with my daddy–something they enjoyed with all their being. Also, cancer attacked them both in the next few years, when they were 73. Daddy died at age 75 and Mama was 78. It still hurts. It grieves me. My heart is so saddened by the years of life stolen from them and my family. Unfortunately it happens so frequently now that if someone is “really sick” we all think of cancer as a possibility. 

So, at the young age of 62, with children aged 13 and 14, I am going to seize every bit of financial benefit available to me, grab life with both hands, and LIVE it!! I am going to save for that Disney vacation I’ve never been on–now it will be so much better! I’m going to travel, support others, give my children (more) experiences, continue to empower and educate women, become healthier, plan for my children’s futures, investigate possibilities, and launch into my future! It will definitely be a grand adventure, because from where I stand right now, it’s pretty darn wonderful. Any more blessings will just be the chocolate fudge icing on my double chocolate birthday cake! 

If you enjoyed this post, and/or know someone who would benefit from it, please share it! That makes my heart so happy. 🙂

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