I Have Things To Say!

As I anticipate speaking to gatherings of women, which is somewhat nerve-wracking, one of the things my “whiny, fearful voice” keeps saying is that no one wants to hear what I have to say.

I know that isn’t the truth. I know I have great lessons learned to share, because I have been through some really, really hard stuff! And I am now a confident, successful, thriving, and joyful woman filled with passion. It has been a HUGE endeavor and I love who I am!! So yes, I have things that people want to hear.

As an encouragement to my spirit, I found this on Oprah’s website a while back. I’m posting because it applies to EACH of us.


Whether you speak to groups or individuals, organized or spontaneous meetings, YOU have a voice the world needs to hear.

Speak. Shine your light into the searching souls. Make a connection. Share your heart.

People need a leader. It might as well be YOU!

and so she lit the way


Let me know how it goes. Please share with me how you touch someone’s heart. Or how you give them words to help.
Share in the comments below.

Love and sprinkles, Passionista Mimi


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