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While traversing through the many words I read daily, I find wonderful quotes that stir me. Making them into graphics and posting them on my pages assures my finding them later. 
Ran across this one today. My spirit shouted a loud, “YES!”


Something About The Testing….

You never know how strong you are

Amen and amen!!

More to come on this subject.


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Ten Life Lessons From A Navy Seal

navy Seal

Naval Admiral William H. McRaven returned to his alma mater last week and spoke to the graduates with lessons he learned from his basic SEAL training. Here’s his amazing Commencement Address at University of Texas at Austin 2014, written in an article from Business Insider:


Honestly, this article is a bit hard to read.

We all wish life could just be “easy” for a while.

Let me tell you, there will ALWAYS be hard stuff if you are alive.

And YOU have the choice to be


There are many good words here.

My favorite was from #9:

“If I have learned anything in my time traveling the world, it is the power of hope. The power of one person—Washington, Lincoln, King, Mandela and even a young girl from Pakistan—Malala—one person can change the world

by giving people hope.

 So, if you want to change the world, start singing when you’re up to your neck in mud.”

This is how I envision my life…

to help others by singing in the mud.

For the article, click here. You will be glad that you did.

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Hugs and love, Passionista Mimi

Live In The Present

pink Pure romance office 2

Truly, we must learn to live each day as if it’s our last. Because, really, our future is not guaranteed, and we often let opportunities pass us by. I know this sounds like an overused cliché, but I’ve been impressed with the honesty and urgency of these words. 

Mainly because I’m making the decision whether to “retire” or not–the word put in quotes because who, really, retires these days? This word is especially laughable for me because I am the only parent of two special-needs young teens. I will never, ever, in this lifetime, “retire” (except to heaven, and that’s another journey that awaits!).

As I reflect on my own parents’ retirement, I’m still saddened that my mom waited until she was 68 to retire. I know that seems young in this age, but her body had begun to collapse and fall apart, which meant that she only had about 4 years of traveling with my daddy–something they enjoyed with all their being. Also, cancer attacked them both in the next few years, when they were 73. Daddy died at age 75 and Mama was 78. It still hurts. It grieves me. My heart is so saddened by the years of life stolen from them and my family. Unfortunately it happens so frequently now that if someone is “really sick” we all think of cancer as a possibility. 

So, at the young age of 62, with children aged 13 and 14, I am going to seize every bit of financial benefit available to me, grab life with both hands, and LIVE it!! I am going to save for that Disney vacation I’ve never been on–now it will be so much better! I’m going to travel, support others, give my children (more) experiences, continue to empower and educate women, become healthier, plan for my children’s futures, investigate possibilities, and launch into my future! It will definitely be a grand adventure, because from where I stand right now, it’s pretty darn wonderful. Any more blessings will just be the chocolate fudge icing on my double chocolate birthday cake! 

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To Love Even More~Is It Possible?

our children    Ohhhhh, yes. Sometimes our children are not as we expected–not as we dreamed and hoped. But in the midst of the grief (because yes, there is a grief process as we let go of those hopes and dreams for our children) we form new ideas, experience unplanned-for joys, celebrate the tiniest accomplishments-turned-into-milestones, sacrifice even more deeply thus are completely changed, and become so intricately in love with our children that their very breath becomes our own.

Be Passion-Filled!

be passionate


John Legend is All In On Love!


“There’s an increasing body of research and knowledge that tells us that living a life of love and compassion is the true path to success and contentment.

So what’s going to stop you? What’s going to stand in your way? What’s going to keep you from achieving your success? What will prevent you from going all in on love?

We’re taught when we’re young that the opposite of love is hate. But it’s not. Hate is a byproduct. Hate is a result. Being a hater isn’t cool. Nobody wants that. But hate comes from one thing: fear. And fear is the opposite of love. It’s not a coincidence that when we talk about bigotry, we often talk in terms of fear: homophobia, xenophobia. Fear is what blinds us. Fear is corrosive. Fear makes us hold back. It whispers to us, tells us that we’ll fail. It tells us that our differences are too much to overcome. Fear locks us in place. It starts fights. It causes wars.

And fear keeps us from loving. Even though we’re made to love, we’re often afraid to love. We’re afraid of being hurt deeply. Afraid of feeling the pain I went through when my parents divorced. But you’re never going to really love something or someone unless you put those fears aside. Don’t hold back. Being in love means being ready to give freely and openly, and being ready to risk something. Risking pain and disappointment, conquering your fears, and becoming anew.

Love is all-consuming — it infiltrates your body, it’s what allows you to experience bliss, joy and true friendship. You’ll be more disappointed when something goes wrong. You might fall harder. But the only way you’ll reach any height in life and in love is by taking the chance that you might fall.

You have to give your all.”

The words above are from musician John Legend’s commencement speech, delivered on May 19, 2014 as part of the University of Pennsylvania’s commencement ceremonies. It’s an amazing speech–a “call to love” so to speak. I admire his willingness to become vulnerable with his audience. I admire his decision to live all in for love. And his statement that apathy just is not cutting it. For the rest of his speech go to

Maybe you, too, will be encouraged to go all in for love. It’s not for sissies, but truly rewarding.

Big hugs and love to you this day!

Passionista Mimi

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8 Ways To Kick Domestic Violence’s Ass (Guest Post)


Unfortunately, humans have a long history of domestic violence. Those who engage in it continue to murder and maim women, men, and children.

As My Inner Chick says, Let’s get this straight…the definition of abuse is, ‘When one belittles and makes another person feel small.’ ” 

NO one should have to endure people in their lives who cause this to happen, whether through words, violence, or even the “silent treatment”.

PLEASE get help if you are in this situation! If you know someone who is living in abuse, HELP them to get out. Don’t be afraid of being a busy body. It could save their life.

Read the article where she talks about her sister’s murder, and ways to deal with domestic violence, here:

A Beauty Experiment

Creams, lotions, injections, surgery,

new clothes, exfoliation, fillers…

What if everything you need to feel more beautiful is INSIDE you?

Watch this video before you read further.

 It totally intrigued me and prompted this post.

Feeling Beautiful Starts in your mind


So what do you think? Have you ever just decided to believe that you are beautiful? Imagine if what these women experienced could happen to you! Did you notice how their facial expressions became brighter and more open?

It has been said that the most beautiful thing you can wear is your smile. The reason behind that is it lifts up everything about you. Maybe it starts with a smile. And then it grows to being more positive, and then it grows to feeling better about yourself, and finally to realizing that you are, indeed, a uniquely beautiful person. Aren’t you tired of media telling us we are not–unless we buy their products, or wear their clothes, drive their car, and on and on until it just makes us sick. Yes, sick. That we would hate our bodies, and how we look, to me is like a sickness.

If you seriously dislike your appearance, there are small things you can do to alter that. A good haircut, for instance, can make me feel like a million bucks! And don’t forget makeup. Currently, it seems to be the decision of many women to go without makeup, and that is great if it fits their lifestyle. I know that I feel better with at least mascara and lipstick. And when you highlight your eyes, your face automatically appears brighter and more open, which are positive traits when communicating with others. Visit the makeup counter at department stores for free makeup consultations if you’d like help with this.


Anyway, I digress…what if we hate the physical traits that we were given? SO not cool!! How sad to hate what makes your lovely face uniquely yours! Thankfully, being my age has given me a sense of freedom about how I look, though I now fixate on my wrinkles-ugh. But I did go through agony (yes, agony) about my appearance (nose too long, chin too round, etc). I have never fit the popular image of what was beautiful for our culture at the time.


I grew up with Twiggy (a model from London, aptly named, very popular in the seventies) for goodness sake!

Decades before the anorexic models we see now.

And have I mentioned how I felt about my body? Really, really not good! Sadly, I realize from photos that I WAS beautiful as a young adult and just did not accept the fact. I kept comparing and judging and hating my appearance. Because I wasn’t the petite cheerleader type (I was 5′ 10″), didn’t have the surfer girl blonde hair, didn’t have boobs, did have hips and thighs, and on and on. WHY do we waste our energy disliking, instead of owning, our beauty?

A lot can be learned from “people watching”. Perhaps you have seen her–the woman who carries her head high, has a confident stride, has an open expression on her face. She acts as if she owns the world. She has confidence. You can believe that she feels beautiful. But as you look more closely, her looks and body are ordinary. Not eye-catching by any means. It’s more in her attitude and how she carries herself. Perhaps she is thinking, “I’m beautiful and I know it!”

On the other hand, you may have seen a woman with head down, eyes downcast, scurrying mouse-like through the crowds, her hair covering most of her face. And when she looked up so you could catch her full face, she was quite lovely. Maybe you thought to yourself, “Why does she hide her beauty?” {I am very aware there are many reasons a woman may hide and I address some of these in another post (}. But apart from that, it might just be that she doesn’t like her looks so she keeps them covered.

Changing one’s idea of personal beauty can take time. Part of it is habit. Your brain just follows the habitual self-criticism it always has, perhaps even modeled by generations of women in our lives. Most of us struggle with desiring a better-looking face and/or body. But what if….

we began the habit of realizing our beauty and thinking as if we are! (Because you ARE!! I know it from a very personal moment with God in 1991 when He told me:

I Have NO ugly daughters

and I never forgot it.)


How would your life change if you realized you were beautiful? If when you walked through the grocery store your head was high and there was a bounce in your step (I know, this seems like pure fantasy, because…the grocery store?)

Ok how about this? You are looking for a special dress (aargh this one trips ME up!) and you just can’t find one that is perfect for you. Instead of thinking “I’m just so ugly, out of shape, have a stupid body” we think, “I know there is a dress for me to match my amazing personality and awesomeness. I’ll just need to keep looking.” I actually pray about finding clothes. I think God realizes how traumatic it’s been for me! (He helps me too!)

Or as you sit at your job you remind yourself that you are beautiful and it makes you smile? Or you go into a party or a meeting knowing that you are awesome and you sparkle? (I know this works first hand because people comment on how happy I seem, or how nice I look. If you want to get noticed, act happy and smile a lot!)

To form the habit of loving ourselves and actually liking the way we look will take practice. You will need to accept that you are awesome, amazing, unique, and quite lovely. Toward that end, I encourage you to repeat daily, several times,

“I am beautiful and I know it!”

and then let me know how it goes! I’m eager to hear from you.

Happy day, beautiful one! Love and hugs, Passionista Mimi



I’d love to read your comments/suggestions/experiences! Please take a moment to leave a comment. I look so forward to reading them!



15 Uplifting Photos From the Boston Marathon

“Boston Strong!” What an amazing comeback! I wonder what was going through the minds of those who participated and those who cheered. Whatever it was, there was definitely a positive attitude that carried those runners. Thanks to Mashable for these photos!

“With the second-largest number of entrants in its history, the 2014 Boston Marathon was more than just a race — it was a comeback.

One year after the bombings, runners and spectators alike exemplified “Boston Strong,” a motto the city unofficially adopted in 2013. Survivors completed the race and joined each other at the finish line. An American man won for the first time since 1983, and there was at least one wedding proposal.”

boston marathon 2 Boston marathon

Be sure to click on the link to read the captions under these photos. Two of my favorites!

Yay Boston! Yay American Spirit! Yay Runners!

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